Saturday, December 30, 2006

Take the Lead

I watched "Take the Lead" during the holidays & i must admitt, despite the reviews I enjoyed watching the movie. Got me inspired really....

Maybe I shall go back to ballroom dancing!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Blog Tag Game for Yalda

This game has been converted to a Persian form & I had been invited by my friend Hanna to participate in the Game.
So I wrote my 5ive BIG NOT-KNOWINGS in Persian & then I decided to put them here to & invite some other friends to join the game.

* I make a story before I sleep every night, if not, I would not be able to sleep.
* Once a troop of "Islamic" police seized me & 20 of my other friends in a Nearby city Damavand for having a "party in which boys & girls were together under a roof" (I'm not joking that was the statement in our court note. They held us prisoner for a night & even of now, I shiver when I remember the humiliation of that night.
* My relationship with the only boyfriend I had was a complete disaster... diverse intentions & different interests... total catastrophe!
* I fell in love with a cartoon Character when I was in high-school.
* Sometimes I dream I'm a sim in Sims II! I love that game!

& now for the other 5 people I have to invite to Blog-tag:
My dear Lynne
Dear Grandpa
Dear Pantra

My Days

This is written in request of a friend:
My life is pretty normal Well... but I guess u do not know what is normal in Iran LOL.
I usually wake up at 6:30 (my alram goes off at 5:45 though) & I leave home at 7:30 or so. I have a half-an-hour ride to reach my work by a taxi. I dont take my car cos I work in a restricted area where cars are not allowed in. I start work at 8. I'm a food inspector in an Orgnizational Company. So I have to go down to the site sometimes but I'm more in the office nowadays. Work times finish at 4 here but I usually have to stay overtime till 6 pm cos I take one day off each week for my classes. The ride back home take usually an hour or so.... bad traffic & all that junk. Anyway, I usually have classes in the evening: My English conversation gatherings, painting classes, gym & some school courses. If I would not have a class I'm usually out with my numerous friends. We go out to movies, cafes, resturants, theaters, bookstores &.... I participate in some different group of friends so it takes a lot of time for me to stay connected to them all. Usually it's 9ish when I get back home. & then I have a few words with my family, I study a bit. I play Sims II & I sleep around 11.
Workday starts from Saturday till Wedensday & we have Thursdays & Fridays off. However, I have classes on Thursdays too so that leave Fridays to be spent by my family & of course study a bit!
Well that's how my life passes me by.

See Sanaz's Post On Yalda

Here is the link to her post on Yalda.
See it for yourself

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone would have a perfect holiday...
I hope you would have a lot of snow & a lot of candies.
Joy, Peace & Love.
From Iran

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Sanctions ...

Here is the news itself:

& I believe there would be more to come.
Where are we heading?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Here Come Yalda

In my personal opinion, Yalda Night (Celeberating the victory of Light over darkness) is the best one-night celeberation of Persian culture.
Some say that Chahar-shanbe-soori (the bon-fire night near Norooz) in March, is the most memorable one, yet for me, Yalda has a very special place... I have such nice memories of the tales been told by fire light, the poems read, the stuff eaten (you know I LOVE snacks) & ... that hardly anything else can replace them.
This year Yalda is Thursday night (Weekend in Iran) so most families gather together & have fun. It should be another memorable night.
Anyhow, it'll be my birthday in 2 weeks too.... My Sister says "You like Winter, cos you were born in winter". Maybe she is right... or maybe simply, winter is the nicest season ever.

Friday, December 08, 2006

How Much Does Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, December 01, 2006


Let's wear the RED Ribbon Today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Somewhere in Between

I still don't have a clue if I will be staying in this job or not. People are running around doing things but I spend my days at my desk just lazing around... & still nothing.
On the other hand, I went to the doctor's yesterday (I hear you say at last!) & he said that I have to take medications for a month & go back to check my condition. I feel tired still but there is hope that I at least get some rest when finally they put me out of job.
I'm not angry, upset or afriad. Whatever that happens would be for my best. I will find a part time job & I will have more time at hand to study. No worries there.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Types of Freedom

My Systemic Approach lecturer told us a story & I like to share it with you:

There had been a class held by UN in Poland in late 70s. In the morning there was courses offered to Top Officers & during the evening, everyone would have fun together. One of my lecturer's student was a lady who had been very clever. Once she had asked Professor Khoram: "How many types of Freedom do we have?"

He asked her to enlighten him on the question: "There are 4 types of Freedom:" She had said. "English Freedom, German Freedom, Soviet Union (yes, there had still been a sovite union then) Freedom & French Freedom.

"English freedom is 'Everything is allowed exept for the things that are forbidden'.

"German freedom is 'Everything is forbidden exept for the things that are allowed'

"Soviet Freedom is 'Evrything is forbidden including all the things that are allowed'

"& finally French Freedom is 'Everything is free including all the things that are forbidden!'"

I hope you like it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Job or No Job?

Yesterday I had classes so I did not come to the office. During this ONE day, my boss had resigned & I've been informed that there is an expelling letter waiting for me!
God bless the whole of them.
I might be out of job as of this Saturday. No payment, no security, no penalty for kicking me out of Job!
Congradualtions Proshat! You've accomplished so much!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Feminine Knowledge Worker

Orgnizational Behavior in L's Opinion:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunnaz Tells You about Feminism in Iran

Here is the second part to her post on feminism.


A friend sent it to me:
Try it... It's fun.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Reasons

Sometimes you feel like giving up...
Sometimes you feel like going to the extreme & never come back...
Sometimes You need a song to sway with:
How about listening to this one?
Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Capital Punishment For Saddam

I hate Capital Punishment.... It does not matter who is going to be excuted... It does not matter what the person has done.... It's WRONG!
We are not creators of life... we did not give it to people & we do not have the right to take it away.
Besides, Saddam die the moment he fell out of power... the moment he went into hidding & lost his 'Almighty' status. Who kill someone who is already dead.
Don't get me wrong... Saddam has brought so much misery uopn my country & his, that I have no choice but to loath him. He had taken so many lives, done so many violances that I feel like throwing up whenever I hear his name... Still, hanging him up is not the answer. He has to live his low life & be misrable & feel humilated & wish for death for the rest of his life. & we shall not grant that wish for him.
HE HAS TO LIVE! HE HAS TO PRAY FOR DEATH TO COME & END HIS MISARY, however, he should not be hangged.... He is too low to be given that gift!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Free Hugs Once Again

Follow The LINK:
& today give someone a free hug.
That's the nicest thing I've ever seen... the best gift I ever been given.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Discovery Channel Announces Second Ted Koppel Special, 'IRAN - THE MOST DANGEROUS NATION'

The weather is beautifull.
I have so much to do... Exams, Projects, Commitee memberships & all.
The weather is nice....
But I dont have time to enjoy it.
I wish I could just let go & be me.... I wish....
PS: Would anyone happen to be watching Discovery Channel on Sunday, November 19 at 8 PM (ET/PT). There is A special progrmm about Iran... 'IRAN - THE MOST DANGEROUS NATION'
I just want to know how on earth did they figure that WE are dangerous? We are the Nation they're talking about & we are as ordinary as any other nation with real lives & real issues. We're not just a face on the other side of the world... we are not a word, not an image...
WE EXIST! We're here...!
You are talking about actual & very alive people who are capablale of Love & Hate.... Don't take us for some crule myths you have heard on the radio!
Here is the link to more info:

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Someone New...?

How About Me?

Behold the Future POP Prince & Princeses

Angelis The new band is consist of 6 teenagers... Girls & Guys together.
They Seem so young & inocent with a great song to start: Covering "Angle".
Check out the website at:
& watch the amazing new video.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sunnaz's POst On Feminism in Iran

Check her post & give her some good feedbak...
Hey Sunn I wanna see the rest of it real soon... You here buddy.... REAL SOON

Westlife Video: The Rose

Some Say Love...
"Old Memeories... Old dreams"

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Highway I Pass Everyday

By the way what do you think about this video posts?
PS: Sina I hope you dont find them too cheap!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Stop For Breakfast

More Kashan

A Trip To Kashan

I had taken a trip to Kashan this weekend & this is one of the few Videos I've filmed with my cellphone.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Justin Timberlake On his Tour (Myspace Video)

How Cocky this is?
I might even show up!

Although I used to be a fan & I like the guy for the music he has brought to my life, I was not too thrilled about his new songs.

Loved the new 'suite' look though.... Ewww... Pink & a tie!

Thanks to Justin's Myspace.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Post on Feminism By Lynne

  • This is the Post by Lynne.
  • Share your Opinion Please. & Be True to yourself.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thoughts on Feminism
One of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately because of some discussion I have read on various feminist blogs has been about make up and girly things and how those fit into feminism or how they don’t as the case may be. A lot of discussion has been around how such things are not tools of empowerment but rather survival skills in a patriarchy. Many are saying that it is perfectly reasonable for a woman to employ traditional trappings of femininity in order to gain power from men since it is still one way to do it.

Some say that since women now have other options, options that result in women actually being seen as capable, they should leave the trappings of femininity behind. Others say that one should just do what one wants to do and should wear makeup and get married or whatever they else they want to do as long as they recognize that when other women chose not to do those things, it is a valid choice. I have to admit that I am in that camp. I simply cannot bring myself to get offended when another woman shaves her legs or puts on lipstick. The discussion brought up some other thoughts though. One blogger, while talking about her love of things feminine made a comment along the lines of “no one ever accused me of being a feminist because I couldn’t find a man” (I cannot for the life of me remember which of the dozens of feminist bloggers I read who said that so I apologize for not giving credit.). That particular line got me thinking more about feminism than any other thing I read. Because you see, to me…lipstick is just lipstick and shaving one’s legs is something a person either does or doesn’t do and generally I don’t think about it too much unless I feel that I am being judged for not wearing makeup and not often shaving my legs or not having a man in my life as a romantic partner. You see, the thing of it is…I
think that I am a feminist because I cant get a man. Seriously. (we will all just forget for a moment as I often do that when I say that I cant get a man, what I really mean is that I cant get a man that I want. I suppose if getting a man were my only concern, I could choose someone I am not interested in)Ok. So here is the thing. By and large, I have been rejected by the patriarchy. I get no power from men. Men do not generally pay me compliments. Men generally do not ask me out. Sometimes men treat me badly because of how I look. Some women do too but they are usually women who get a lot of positive attention from men. Like it or not, getting a lot of attention from men gives women power in our culture. Less so than in times past but even today a woman can trade her beauty for economic security. It isn’t an accident really that most women’s economic position rises considerably with marriage. Men’s economic positions also rise with marriage but there seems to be less of an effect. There are other less obvious ways that women often find their self worth attached to the attention they get from men. I see this everywhere. From the shelves of books at the bookstore with instructions on how to get a man or how to keep a man to the comments made by single women along the lines of “Lots of men want me, I am single because I want to be” which may be true but still acknowledges that the
attention of men is a valuable thing for a woman. (And to be fair, the attention of women can be valuable for a man but it seems different to me somehow and I am sure it is a power differential I am sensing) Men, for whatever reason, are often
attracted to women who take an effort to appear feminine. Now, of course there are all kinds of women who don’t wear make up and dont shave who still find themselves shacked up with some guy. I will just say that if one happens to be very overweight and also chooses not to wear makeup, high heel shoes, feminine clothing, etc that one’s odds of finding a guy drop considerably. At any rate, at some point in my life, I stopped internalizing the bad messages our patriarchal culture was giving me that I was somehow not deserving because of my body or my choice be somewhat hairy and without lipstick on a regular basis. I stopped being offended by the phrase “women in comfortable shoes” since I generally like to wear comfortable shoes. What is wrong with comfortable shoes? Eventually, I decided that the real problem was outside me and that it was a problem with the culture at large and it was feminists and feminist writing that helped me see that. It was feminists who helped me take all of that self-loathing and put it outside me. And at some point I realized that I could starve myself and spend more time than I wanted to molding myself into a version of myself that was more approved by our culture OR I could just be the me that I have learned to love. I could learn that it is ok for a woman to choose to be herself even if it means not attracting a man. That was a very freeing moment in my life because once my sense of self worth was no longer in any way attached to attention from males, I could stop worrying about the lack of male attention I was getting and I could start paying attention other, more important, things.

And so…I have accepted that I am a single woman. But being a single woman has also made me appreciate feminism all the more. You see, married women do not feel things like the wage gap as much as single women do because their household’s incomes include a man’s income although I imagine that divorced women and especially divorced women with children feel the wage gap even more than single women do. Being single has made me appreciate the advances that have been made by feminists before me. I can have a job that is something other than being a librarian, a nurse, a teacher, or a social worker. I can own property and get a mortgage. I can vote. In short, I can do everything I need to do in order to have a fulfilling life even without a man.

More than just that though, being a single woman has given me a point of view of the outside looking in. There are a lot of amazing women in the world who have been blessed with incredible good looks, who get lots of positive attention from our patriarchal culture who have managed to still see all of the things I see. There are men who have managed to become feminists too. Those men and women are amazing. I don’t think I would have been one of those women though. I suspect that if I were given lots of power by the patriarchy, I would probably have used it for evil instead of for good. I think I needed to be challenged strongly in order to form my views in a way that was different than the patriarchal culture I was brought up in. I needed to be a woman in order to understand male privilege. I needed to be fat in order to understand how unfairly fat people and fat women in particular are treated in our culture. I say this because even with the challenges I have been given, I still accept at least some of the patriarchal notions of our culture. But I am working on it.

I know that is a thought somewhat far away from “is it ok for feminists to wear lipstick” but there you go. Sometimes I start in one place and end up someplace completely different.

posted by S. Lynne Fremont at 12:46 PM

Rain... Rain... & More Rain!

Did anyone mentioned anything about using cooling system somewhere in Dear Lynne's Comments? Not me certainly! *Tries to hide somewhere*
It had been raining all day yesterday... such a nice way to speand a holiday... sitting by the window nursing a cup of tea & listening to the rain fall... & shivering!!!!

Listen to the pouring rain,
Listen to it pour,
& with every drop of rain
You know I love you more
Let it rain all night long
Let my love for you grow strong
As long as we're together
Who cares about the weather?
Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall.
& With every drop of rain
I can hear you call.
Call my name right out loud,
I can hear above the clouds,
& I'm hear among the poddles,
You & I together huddle,
Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it rain.
Jose Feliciano

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anousheh Ansari.

This post is the answer to my dear Lynn:
I think it's pretty amazing that an Iranian by borne have had the facility to go space. What's more she is woman....
But I shall admit that I would be as excited as I am right now, if some other woman would have done that. The mere fact that a lady is as successful as this to be able to fulfill her dream is amazing. It does not matter what nationality she is, or where she is from.
I'm very happy that she could see her dream come true. & I read her blog all the time. She once said 'how much you pay to fulfill your dreams?' & this sentence alone got me so inspired that now I know that I have to pay a lot for my dreams.
I did not mention her name here because I think what she has done is beyond nationality... She's a global model for women everywhere.

Monday, October 09, 2006


& that's how it's done....:
I watched with my own eyes that Mr. Poltics who was supposed to be in Canada studying, walked up the stairs of a resturant in Tehran & meet my questions with "Yeah, right I'm my brother!"
I just froze, could not believe my eyes & I had to pinch his cheeks to make sure that he was real! It was really funny... I could explode with joy.
When the initial shock washed off, it was time for questions: "What the hell are you doing here?" "Why did you come back?"

"I have only three words," he said "Loneliness, My friends & family"
& That's how it's done!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Single Woman in Tehran

Dear Lynne,
If I say I'm having a hard time being single, it would be a lie. However, being single is not that easy over here with a culture where marriage is a sacred duty.
My family never put pressure on me or my sister to get married, visa Versa, my dad always says we should see for ourselves what really the world is & decide upon our own experience. But the fact remains that with every wedding I attend to, a lot of people try to bribe me into getting a hold of a good chap & settling down!
Besides, It's not usual for a single woman to live all by themselves in my country which in return makes independence somewhat impossible. My aunt, however, lives all by herself & is very happy yet I know that I would face a lot of economical & social problems if I would want to follow her lead. I'm far to dependent on my family to live somewhere else.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yet another survey to pass along...

A friend Sent me this a few months ago, I went through the previous one & found that It had to have some changes... I made the changes & put it here:

1* First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Falahi
2* Last word you said: OK
3* Last song you sang: "Loves Me Not" By tATu
4* Last person you hugged: My Friend Ava
5* Last thing you laughed at: A musician come to sing Happy Birthday for Mat (My friend) in an Italian Restaurant & he was soooo embarrassed! I wish I had captured the moment!
6* Last time you said I don't remember: Well, that's a usual part of my speeches these days!7* Last time you cried: Tonight while talking to my Granny. I love her to death...
8. Last time you had sex: Now that's not something I would share ;)
9* What color socks are you wearing: None!
10* What's under your bed: I have a closet-bed which technically do not give me any space to have anything under it!
11* What time did you wake up today: 8
12* Current taste: Chocolate
13* Current hair: Dark brawn, Highlights of honey brown.
15* Current annoyance: Loneliness
16* Current longing: someone worthy to hold, someone to send my last goodnight sms to....
17* Current desktop background: Green Park
18* Current worry: How to handle my job & my studies
19* Current hate: Drifting apart from my friends... why do they give me the feeling that I am guilty for being admitted in MA?
20* Current favorite article of clothing: My halter tops!
21* Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex: LIPS, hands & eyes.
22* Last CD that you listened to: Schizophrenic (JC Chasez), A Girl Like Me (Rihanna)
23* Favorite place to be: Somewhere quite to study
24* Least favorite place: A Wedding!
25* Time you wake up in the morning: 5:45 to 6 weekdays; 9-10 weekends
26* If you could play an instrument, what would you play: Violin
27* Favorite color: Pink/ Black/ Blue/ Green
28* Do you believe in an afterlife: Yes.
29* How tall are you: 5' 2"
30* Current favorite word/saying: "Ok" "I'm pron to..." "Never mind"
31* Favorite book: "Women's Room"
32* Favorite season: Winter!
33* One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: No one.
35* Where do you want to go for college?: I got my BS in Food Engineering & Now I'm a student in Executive Management.
36* What is your career going to be like: That's a bit foggy considering the fact that I'm changing majors & I have to skip work to study.... I might leave my job for a while & find a part-time one.
37* How many kids do you want: NONE!
39* Said "I love you" and meant it: Once I used to save that for definite situations, but now, I'm not sure I never meant it.
40 Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish: Don't have a pet :D
41* Been to New York: ?
42* Been to Florida: Check the answer for 41
43* Been to California: Check the answer for 41
44* Been to Hawaii: :D
45* Been to Mexico: :D
46* Been to China: :O

48* Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day:Shamefully yes... my dreams usually turn into nightmares in reality!
52* Do you have a crush on someone: Crush? I think I have turned into a hermit. I do not find anyone interesting enough to have a crush on.
53* What book are you reading now?: One Thousand & One Nights.
54* Worst feeling in the world: Loneliness among those you love (When you cannot communicate with them)
55* What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?:Another fu*king day to go through.
57* Future daughter's name: Proshat! (That the name of an ancient Iranian Queen). Or Juliet
58* Future son's name: Nastihan (another ancient Persian name) or Patrick
59* Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Used to but now... (I must take my stuffed dog Stupid out of the closet)
60* If you could have any job you wanted: a Public Relation Specialist!
61* Wish were here: MY Old Self!
62* College plans: Getting through this one!
63* Piercings: just my ears
64* Do you do drugs: No way!
65* Do you drink: Hmm... not that I know of!
67* What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use: Pantene
68* What are you most scared of: Seeing the people I love get hurt, Sharp Objects
69* What clothes do you sleep in: PJs... hardly dresses
70* Who is the last person that called you: My friend Pat
71* Where do you want to get married: No Ceremony! Just a religious blessing & then I would be off to a deserted island surrounded by deep blue sea!
72* If you could change anything about yourself what would that be:Not getting triggered off so easily
73* Who do you really hate: The wolves who look at the lambs with kindness in their eyes.
74* Been In Love: once thought I was. But of all the lies I believe in Love was the most heartbreaking.
75* Are you timely or always late: Timely... unless I had to meet some of my friends... I never happen to get there on time!
76* Do you have a job: Yeah... Ick! A bloody food Inspector
77* Do you like being around people: Depends on 'the' people...
78* Best feeling in the world: Being in love & get that back. seeing my loved ones happy
79* Are you for world peace: Yes! I hate wars... It's the ugliest thing I ever experienced.
80* Are you a health freak: Who me? Are u kidding? (Of course I am!)
81* Do you have a "Type" of person you always go after: Maybe... I don't know.... They have to have 'the mind' though
82* Do you want someone you don't have? Maybe...
83* Are you lonely right now? Yes. Not physically (I get loads of hugs & kisses) but there is that itching feeling for someone who should be here & is not.... specially when I see happy couples
84* Ever afraid you'll never get married: I don't want to get married! Commitment is not my cup of tea.
85* Do you want to get married: NO
86* Do you want kids? NO!
87* Cried: Yes
88* Bought Something: A cake for Mat's birthday
89* Gotten Sick: of trying to please everyone of my friends.
90* Sang: not a loud
91* Said I Love You: Nope
92* Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: Yeah... my granny
93* Met Someone: A new face in the group... I hated them!
94* Moved On: I'm hanging to yesterday....
95* Talked To Someone: Huh? All day long I am talking!
96* Had A Serious Talk: Nah.
97* Missed Someone: Yeah... & now we cry! lol
98* Hugged Someone: MY friends while hanging out.
99* Yelled at Someone: Nah but I got yelled at by my friends
100* Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: Nah.. maybe... but that's over.

The Poll... This is the one Sunnaz asked for

Here is the link to take the survey:

Birthday:31st Dec 80
Current Location:Tehran
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Height:5. 2"
Right Handed or Left Handed:Both mostly right
Your Heritage:Middle Eastener
The Shoes You Wore Today:sandles
Your Weakness:Mark Feehilly, Romantic Items & Lovey-dovy couples
Your Fears:sharp objetcs, getting paralized
Your Perfect Pizza:Italian
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Gain the first place at school
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:LOL
Thoughts First Waking Up:It's another Fu*king Day
Your Best Physical Feature:Hands
Your Bedtime:10 pm!
Your Most Missed Memory:My 16-year-old-hood
Pepsi or Coke:Coke
MacDonalds or Burger King:Mac
Single or Group Dates:group
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee:Cappuccio
Do you Smoke:Never
Do you Swear:Always
Do you Sing:Seldom
Do you Shower Daily:twice actually!
Have you Been in Love:I once thought I was... now? I dont know.
Do you want to go to College:Studying in One for my master degree
Do you want to get Married:No
Do you belive in yourself:YES
Do you get Motion Sickness:Sometimes
Do you think you are Attractive:Dunno
Are you a Health Freak:Definitely
Do you get along with your Parents:Yes... Sometimes
Do you like Thunderstorms:Yes
Do you play an Instrument:No
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:No
In the past month have you Smoked:No
In the past month have you been on Drugs:No
In the past month have you gone on a Date:No
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:A Few hundered ones!
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:No
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:NO!
In the past month have you been on Stage:nah
In the past month have you been Dumped:NO
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:No
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:Not that I know of! Well, execpt a few glances over my shoulder!
Ever been Drunk:Not really
Ever been called a Tease:A lot Actually
Ever been Beaten up:Nope.
Ever Shoplifted:No
How do you want to Die:Surrounded by my loved ones
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:A PR
What country would you most like to Visit:Greek, Egypt, Italy, India
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:Gray
Favourite Hair Color:Brwon
Short or Long Hair:Boy: Long, Girl: Short
Weight:Average... not thin
Best Clothing Style:casual
Number of Drugs I have taken:none
Number of CDs I own:A LOT!
Number of Piercings:none
Number of Tattoos:none
Number of things in my Past I Regret:I dont regret a thing... whatever mistake that I made seemed right at the time I made them.


When You gave all the info needed, copy the codes & change the post setting of yourblog to HTML & paste the codes.
You will have the table in your post

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MS & Vitamins

Well, recently due to some personal reasons I had been drawn to know more about MS. This is the Link to the new findings about it... brought to you by BBC.

Pr. Bush Address Iranians

Here is the link to NewYork Times article.
*looks around: Is he really talking to me?*

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nick Carter's 'Do I Have To Cry For You'

Here is the whole version Video. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

RSS Feeds

I use Blogline & I like it.
You can also use Newz Crawler ; Awasu or some other softwares.
Just remeber you have to install the software & notifier & there you go.
For Sunnaz: I have the setup for Blogline. Remind me to give it to you.

I Take my hat off to Pope

I've read the speech & though I personally did not find the whole thing offending, I must appreciated the bravery of Pope to apologise for offending Islam.
This is the link to the NEws from BBC.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How to Pronounce 'Proshat'

Well, it could be a bit tricky... I guess by the way I spell my name. But here is the right form to pronounce it:
You Pronounce the first part : (Pro) the same way you Pronounce a word like profound, or protein.
The second part (shat) is Pronounce the way you say the word shut in English.
& the stress is on R.
So yeah... That's my name: Pro-shut!

Monday, September 11, 2006

9 Sep 2001

I clearly remember that I turned on BBC, saw one of the twin towers on fire & thought 'Hey, Since when they strated to show fiction movies on BBC?'
& then came the shock... & with unblieving eyes, I watched the senario.... & I watched lives shattered....
For me, for us, who had been through a war, who have had our lives exposed to death during 8 years of war, who had seen people dieng at our feet... it was unblievable to see that a secure, a never-in-reach land was being under such stress as we (the third world nation, the poor, always-to-be-sacrificed nation) had gone through.
It was on 9/11 when I learned that no matter where I would be on earth, I would not be safe but to be in Lord's arms.... But to be in the Holy Grace of a greater being.
So Lord, blesses the souls of the one who left us behind & take us in your Grace.
Here is All Star Tribute for 9/11. Just a reminer though.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Odds & Even Days

Well, Yes, We have Odds days & Even days... in a week! I know it might sound odd to some of you but we have numbers for weeks days:
Our Week starts on Saturdays Which is called 'Shanbe' here. 'Shanbe' is an even day. Then we have Sunday or 'Yekshanbe' (1shanbe) an Odd day.... Monday: Doshanbe (2shanbe) Even, Tuesday: Seshanbe (3shanbe) Odd, Wednsday: Chaharshanbe (4shanbe) Even, Thursdays: Panjshanbe (5shanbe) odd day....
NO! YOURE WRONG! We do not have 6shanbe! We have Jom'e (Friday) & that day is neither odd nor even! That's holiday for heaven's sake!

Well, It seems that whenever I post a link in my link field, the rest of the post just show up! Isn't that totally wiered?
Anyhow... Today the discussion was about RSS or Site feeds.
What is RSS?
Well in very basic words it works as a notifir: Whenever you post something in your blog, your site feed changes & then RSS or Atom send a message to your suscribers that there is a new post available & then people come visit your page.
It's much better for your visitors to know the time of your posts... specially when you are not a regular poster. They do not need to check your blog every now & then only to see the same last post!
Anyhow, if you are interested in RSS, Give FeedBurner a try. It's nice & easy. Also, Blogger Beta provides you with the Atom Feed. So, Hurry up & let me see the RSS Feeds!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Secular Lecturers to be removed....

This: is the news itself! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sanctions & Enrichments

So the deadline is over & now what? Clearly, Iran has nor did niether tends to stop enrichment. So now Mr. Annan has come down here to discuss the matter.
Personally, I dont think that we should stop enrichment before we get the grantee that another war is not going to be imposed on the country. On the other hand, if we do not halt uranium enrichment then indeed we will face more sanctions & a war maybe just around the corner.
In the first place, Iran should have been more cooprating about the whole nuclear energy thing. As an Iranian I do not see the need for nuclear energy when having more that 250 days of sunshine make us pron to use solar energy. However, now that we have come this far, we'd better stick to it & at least try to gain something out of it.
It's a gamble & I pray that people at the table would know 'what to keep & what to throw away'. This is what most people around me wish.
Sanctions is the subject I have avoided thinking about recently. The mild ones might not have that much effect on out already poor economy, still they will definitely reduce the 'luxury level'. I vividly remember the time when eating good choclate was a wish for a lot of kids. I remember that I was not supposed to take KitKats to school cos some kid might not have the fascility to have them.
I dont want to lose these small luxuries that I have.... like being able to order my books or music albums straight from UK. You know, I dont even want to imagine a time like that. & this is what worries me most.... I would not think about the impact on universal economy, the impact on ours or the whole sacrificing for your country thing... I would think of myself as an individual & the impact the sanctions would have on ME... The ME that I would be after them... The ME I am now.... What will happen?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Site to Check How Abnormal You Are!

Non-Normy is a site where you see how abnormal you are....
My score is 49.9 which means I'm definitely a Non-normy! & I need serious help!
So yeah... watch out fellas! Here is the kingdom of abnormal people!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Executive Management...

I got admitted into the institue!
Can't Beleive it yet... I'm going to study once again!
That's wonderful... I just need to get through with my job, either that I continue or quit... I need to get things straihght at work.
But this is just palin nice.
It was only last night that I saw 2 of my friends off & i was so down & so sick I could not see any beauty around me.... I told Ava (U remember my friend right?) That I was at the bottom of the abbyss, & there would be only one way... UP!
& UP I go...!

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Starnge enough huh?
As a kid ASTRONOMY used to play a very huge role in my life. I used to have this BIG dream of finding out more about Dark Matter.
I used to be the facinated with the night sky... the stars, the milky way... & most nights I would lay on my bed & think about dark matter & solar system. & the day we would all be lost in dark energy.
So... this is a childhood carving poping up again. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

He is off to war...

I know I let him do whatever he wants....
But do not ask me to kiss him farewell.
Don't ask me to wish him well & success.
Yes, I pray for him to back in one piece
And to have the mental ability to get through life afterwards.
But don't ask me to justify the murder of humanity.
Don't ask me to hope he would kill instead of being killed.
Don't ask me to understand.
WAR is the ugliest reality I could not comprehend.
This is just a post... I dreamt of someone going off to war & I wrote those lines.

The new Blogger...

I like this new blogger already. It's cool!


A wonderful blog to visit... just loved it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bon Voyage Honey.

So another friend is off to Austerlia.... He is off to persue his dream, to see the world that is not so wacked he can not breathe in.
We'd been talking about it for sometime but it came to me as a shock when i learened he is to be gone next week.
I'm going to miss him... but I wish him luck & all the happiness in the world.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I figured:

Nothing Changes unless you change the way you look at it.
But the point is, as Pardis said, I'm liking it like that.... I want the vally to be too deep & I want the road up to be difficult.... That's how I am: Never gaining anything easily.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Comin down with a Cold in Summer?

It just dont feel right.... Life in general does not feel right, at least for now.
I have got a cold.... Horribale way to spend the weekend.
I feel lonely & stranded. The gang went out to a picnic... I could not go due to my job & being sick. & I decided to come here & whine a little!
I wanted to go... I really wanted to go! *CRY*
& that's not all... I'm in a phase of low mood.... I feel that loneliness is eating me. I feel I have no one to talk to, to care about & to hold.... I feel like all the love in the world is not enough to outgrow the coldness & withedrawal in me.... to fill this void of emotions.
It seems that the abyss is eating my soul in it & I can not help but to stare at how my life turns into a big 'nothingness'
I know I will be back up on top of the world but right now, the valley is too deep to climb!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Iran's persident Blog

My president's Blog... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Myspace is Closed Finally.

Another restriction on comunincations Over here:
Sometimes I wonder how long one may put up with this. I mean what harm cam a friendship bring to a country?
I wish people could see that friendship will find a way to stay alive. Communicate Anyway, Anyhow.
PS: If any of you have the access to Myspace Please check my profile & leave a scrab with my email: so that I can recieve mails & please tell people that Myspace is closed here. Thanks in advance.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I like to check Quotations from time to time. They do say A lot about people.
Here is my quotation of the day:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the
world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950), Man and Superman (1903) "Maxims for Revolutionists"
What do you think?
Ps: Thanks for the comments on the previous post. I know that ot's not like me to step up for things like that. & i have vowed not to let my political side & my social-sensetive side on in this blog. I tried to keep it as personal as it could be. Just to show the ordinary days of an ordinary girl but there are times I can not hide my disappointment about what's going on at the end of my nose.
I have learend that unjustice is practiced world-wide. There is no paradise on earth, some more, some less, everywhere you can find human rights being violated. Disregards to the basic rights have just become part of everyone's daily lives. Still, I feel like I have to speak up. I wish I could do something but I can't.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I dont know how true it is...

I read this in Lance Bass's Myspace & I'm yet to find out more. But Since a lot of people can not access Lance's Blog I thought I would put it here too. Maybe someone would give the confirmations.
Anyhow, I'm sorry.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This makes me sick (not for the weak of heart) I can not believe human beings can do this to one another!
July 21, 2005
Update August
14: While the following post is a bit dated, it is still relevant. However,
subsequent information received from Iran since the post below was written indicates that the charge of "rape" against the two teens was entirely trumped up by the religious authorities who control the legal system and has no basis in fact. Moreover, we have received word of two more hangings of a gay couple scheduled in Iran for August 28. So, to be up-to-date on where this story stands, make sure you check out the update links at the end of this post, as
well as my latest post on the two new scheduled executions of gays in Iran. And
watch this blog for continuing coverage of the new wave of anti-gay repression in
Iran, as we are continuing to work this story from Iranian sources and will be
posting more news from Iran as reliable information is received and confirmed. . Two gay Iranian teenagers -- one 18, the other believed to be 16 or 17, were executed this week for the "crime" of homosexuality, the Iranian Student News
Agency (ISNA) reported
on July 19. (The ISNA report is in Farsi, and was
translated into English by the British gay rights group OutRage!, which released its
report today--ISNA also provided the terrifying photos of the teens' last
moments you see on this page. You can see an enlarged version of each photo
by left-clicking on them) The two youths -- identified only by their initials as
M.A. and A.M., were hanged on July 19 in Edalat (Justice) Square in the city of
Mashhad in north-eastern Iran, on the orders of Court No. 19. The hanging of the
teens was also reported by the National Council of Resistance of Iran.
And the website Iran Focus not only confirms the story but provides more details, reporting that "Members of Irans parliament from the north-eastern city of Mashad, where a minor and an 18-year-old man were publicly hanged yesterday,
vented their anger on Wednesday on foreign and domestic news outlets for reporting the ages of hanged prisoners...Ultra-conservative deputy Ali Asgari said
that the two deserved to be hanged in public, adding, 'Whatever sentence is decreed by an Islamic penal system must be approved, unless proven otherwise.' Asgari
complained of foreign and domestic reporting that the two were mere boys. 'Instead of paying tribute to the action of the judiciary, the media are mentioning the age of the hanged criminals and creating a commotion that harms the interests of the state,' the member of the Majlis Legal Affairs Committee
said. 'Even if certain websites made a reference to their age, journalists should not pursue this. These individuals were corrupt. Their sentence was carried out with the approval of the judiciary and it served them right.'
"Consensual gay sex in any form is punishable by death in the Islamic Republic
of Iran. According to the website Age of Consent, which monitors
such laws around the world, in Iran "Homosexuality is illegal, those charged with love-making are given a choice of four deathstyles: being hanged, stoned, halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch. According to Article 152, if two men
not related by blood are discovered naked under one cover without good reason,
both will be punished at a judge's discretion. Gay teens (Article 144) are also punished at a judge's discretion. Rubbing one's penis between the thighs without penetration (tafheed) shall be punished by 100 lashes for each offender. This act, known to the English-speaking world as 'frottage,' is punishable by death if the
'offender' is a non-Muslim. If frottage is thrice repeated and penalty-lashes
have failed to stop such repetitions, upon the fourth 'offense' both men will be
put to death. According to Article 156, a person who repents and
confesses his gay behavior prior to his identification by four witnesses, may be pardoned.
Even kissing 'with lust' (Article 155) is forbidden. This bizarre law works to
eliminate old Persian male-bonding customs, including common kissing and holding
hands in public." And Outrage, in its release about the gay teens' execution,
noted that, "according to Iranian human rights campaigners, over 4000 lesbians
and gay men have been executed since the Ayatollahs seized power in 1979. Last
August, a 16-year-old girl , [Atefeh Rajabi] was hanged [in the Caspian port of Neka] for 'acts incompatible with chastity,' [i.e., sex before marriage]."
In the case of the two teens hanged in Mashhad, "They admitted having gay sex (probably under torture) but claimed in their defense that most young boys had sex with each other and that they were not aware that homosexuality was punishable by death," according to the ISNA report as translated by OutRage.
"Prior to their execution, the gay teenagers were held in prison for 14
months and severely beaten with 228 lashes. The length of their detention
suggests that they committed the so-called offenses more than a year earlier, when they were possibly around the age of 16."
"Ruhollah Rezazadeh, the lawyer of the younger of the two boys, had appealed that he was too young to be executed and that the court should take into account his
tender age (believed to be 16 or 17). But the Supreme Court in Tehran Ordered him to be hanged." As a state party
to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Iran has undertaken not to execute anyone for an offence committed when they were under the age of 18 -- which means that by hanging the two youths Iran is in violation of international law.The Iranian authorities are putting out a cover story that the two boys had participated in the rape of a 13-year-old, but OutRage affirms from its sources
that this accusation is a smokescreen for inhuman conduct and is without foundation.
However, the Murdoch press (e.g., the Times of London) is putting about the Iranian government's story as a virtual statement of fact. But there is no mention of this Iranian government accusation in the original ISNA report, otherwise quitedetailed.-- which rather suggests it's a recent invention. Furthermore, it is hardly surprising that, at the very moment at which Iran is engaged in the most delicate negotiation with the Western powers over nuclear materials -- the outcome of which will have a profound impact on the Iranian economy --the Iranian government, when
caught in a heinous act of barbarity that is also a violation of Iran's commitments under international law -- should try to find a new excuse for the inexcusable. (Make sure to read the latest updates since this post was written, which indicate to a near certainty that the "rape" charge was fictitious and invented by the religious authorities -- see update links below). Left-click on the third photo above and look at the enlarged version, which shows the younger of the two adolescents weeping as he's carried off in a police van to the end of his young life. Then, if you would like to protest the barbaric hanging of these two lads to whom nature gave
same-sex hearts, follow the suggestion of the Human Rights Campaign which -- citing this blog -- has written to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice demanding that she formally protest these executions, which you should do as well. If you want to
protest directly to the Iranian government, be aware that, while the
U.S. has no diplomatic relations with Iran, there is an Iranian embassy in Canada. You may write, telephone, or fax the Iranian ambassador in Canada:Ambassador Seyed Mouhammad Ali Moosavi, Embassy of Iran, 245 Metcalfe
St., Ottawa, Ontario .K2P
2K2 Canada Telephone (OO1-613-
235-4726, 233-4726;
Fax, 233-5712
27: For a commentary on
the controversy over the hangings and the "rape" charge since the above was published, see my article for the Gay City News, which you can read by clicking
. UPDATE AUGUST 11: New reports from inside Iran and inside Mashad, where the boys were executed, strongly challenge the validity of the charge of "rape" for which the Iranian government claims the boys were hanged, and it is now virtually certain that the "rape" charge was invented by the religious authorities who control the legal system -- to read about these new reports from inside Iran, see the article I wrote for Gay City News -- the largest gay weekly in New York City -- by clicking here. Furthermore, as the new wave of anti-gay repression in Iran snowballs, we have received reports of two new Iranian executions of gays which are scheduled to take place in the city of Arak on August 28. For news of these new death sentences for homosexuality in Iran, click here. UPDATE AUGUST 17: For the Latest from Inside Iran as the Pace of the Deadly Anti-Gay CrackdownSteps Up, click here.

& this is my comment to the post:

Dear Mr. Bass;
I didn’t address you as Lance cos that’s how I call my favorite NSYNCer. I address you Mr. Bass for the respect I feel for you. What you mentioned here, although passing over some minor points (like the fact that they have been accused of theft, alcohol drinking, disturbing social safety beside homosexual relationship), seems to be a true story happening in my country. Iran is where I grew up & lived my whole life. & I am one of the people who face the daily life here everyday. It’s not only homosexuals they punish… the state of having sexual relations outside marriage bond is the same for hetro & homosexuals alike. They did not got hanged because they were gays (it only made it worst) but due to the fact that they were having ‘extra marital relationship’. Did you know that a woman can get killed by stones for committing adultery here?
Yes, I live in Iran. & the situation is not good. I’m not homosexual myself but I have both gay & les friends & they are happy as they are. The point is that they don’t come out like you were free to do. I know a lot of people who are what is called homophobic. They just have to get educated to learn that love is love & that there is nothing wrong with ‘strange people doing unnatural thing’.
I wish that some other people inside Iran would read your blog. I’m still trying to find reliable Farsi sources on what has exactly happened & I try to leave a comment for you if I ever find anything. & BTW, they are banning Myspace in Iran so I hope to be able to get back here.
Thanks for the concern though. & maybe one day I would tell you about how I ended up in jail for going on a vacation with my friends… how I myself been accused of committing adultery type I (something along the line of being with someone without having sexual affair) & how my friends were treated like trash. Maybe one day….

Oh I forgot...
Iranian history is full of support for Gays. Most ex-rulers of this country had 'male' lovers, who in fact were the rulers. Some of them are very famous & some of our great literature figures have some very moving poems about their gay partners.
There is even a city well known for homosexuality. We are not that bad. Don’t judge all the Iranians the same.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Family Time

Yesterday Dad & I sat in the ballconey for a chat. It was really refreshing for me to be able to sit & enjoy the afternoon with my parents. Recently, I feel that I dont spend enough time with them. Usually I'm too tried from making it through another day at work to sit back & relax with them. & as I try not to have dinner, I mostly miss the dinner chat which is a ritual in my family. Perhaps I had been too caught up in my problems at work that I did forget about the mircle that a little chat does.
It was nothing special & we just had a good laugh over stupid facts. & then just sat there for a while. It reminded me of good old days when we used to chit-chat & play memory-games there. & then I felt belonged. I felt that no matter how difficult it would be to survive another day at work, no matter what I would have to go through in my life, I could always come back home & craddle with dad & that would make everything alright. Or I would just let my mom hug me for a while & no harm, no malicous intention will ever hurt me again.
Lord, I'm grateful for th blessing you gave to me in the form of family.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good Grace.

I'm done with Fan-fiction forever!
Some of you might know that I am a fiction writer & that I sometimes writes fan-fictions. Well, Last summer around this time of year I was writing one about 'Mark Feehilly of Westlife' who'm I adore. & I was about to finish the story by the scheme I had in mind when he announced that he was gay. I still love him & I adore his voice & his work & I personally dont have anything about being on the other side. Truth be known I even find it quit rational & in my mind I always suspected that he was not straight due to a lot of small facts, yet the story never got finished. I did not dare to attach him to some girl.
& this summer I was writing about 'Lance Bass of *NSYNC' & guess what? He is gay too & I always known that he was not straight. So I guess I have to give up on writing fiction about hotties.... I never will finish them anyway. ;)
*note* I really dont think that what other's feel is any of my businees & I dont mind them being what they are. I'm still their fan. I become a fan for the music & for their voices.... & that's what matters to me.
I'm happy for them as long as they are happy.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UC Berkeley student's poem to Hezbollah

I found it here... Without a change: & with no intention of taking sides. I think a ceasefire is needed to save lives. I hate the fact that cicilians are killing in both sides

I Don’t Want to Love You,

But I DoYou were born out of death to a life in a cage
Where bombs are not the only reason people die
Fed by the violence of hunger and homelessness
Raised by colonialism
Your heart and your will still grew strong

You scare meNot just because they tell me to be scared
Not just because they repeat, repeat, repeatThe story of

Begging me to understand
Americans are worth more than Lebanese

Why do they never tell me about Jihad al Bina
That you have created so much
Saved so many lives
Improved so many moreIt scares me

When I admit to myself
That I would be more scared without you
If I still took the time to see

To see the violence that does not just fall from the

that exists in hunger and homelessness
in colonialism

It scares me
That my hope is tangled up
In actions I would never want to commit

But I don’t sleep much these days
And I’ve tried hard
But I haven’t found
to give me hope that they will listen

They repeat, repeat, repeat
The story of Gaza withdrawal
Hoping we won’t see
The violence that continues
That kills in so many ways
Hoping we will now support it
Or at least stop looking

They insist talk does not work
When there is no one to talk to
It is hard to find an interlocutor
When you’re not willing to listen
To see
To feel

How do you keep faith that talk will work
When even they are insisting it won’t?

I am learning to have hope in you
I am learning to see you as so much more
Than those actions I would never want to commit

You amaze me.
Born out of death to a life in a cage
Raised by colonialism
You did not accept imprisonment as natural
You did not accept hunger as justice
You did not acceptthe ceaseless killing in so many ways
Of those next to you
Or those farther away

I love you
But I will never be yours
I don’t want you inside me
You are too male for me
And I cannot, gratefully, fully silence the voice that

Some deaths you did accept
Including of some who were listening

That is why the full statement that the question-marks pry me with

It is sad, but I’m learning to have hope in Hizbulla
Maybe it is the naivety
of one whose life has never been directly threatened
I still believe:
Be the change you want to see in the world.

Dare To dream?

Are You daring enough to jump fo the unknown? Are you brave enough to do strech out your wings & fly?
Dare to dream?
Sky is the limit!
As I can not check blogspot I cannot leave a reply on it. So dear Lynne about nagging Mom. Well, I can say she will nag but she will be disappionted & she would probably get worried. It's not about the money, as a lady who always had been a top career girl & a highly respected manager she can not understand that someone (namely me) cannot adapat herself with the situation. She truely wants me to be as successful as herself & that would be very hard.
I know how your mother can get about the job. It's just that they want us to be happy & successful but they think that quiting the job is some kind of a failure for us.
& believe me failure is word none of my parents understand.
It's good to have such supporting & caring parents but sometimes it's just hard to live up to their expectations. (Well, & they tell me where I have gain my idealistism & being a perfectionist... They may just take a look at themselves sometimes.)
Anyway, We both know that we love them to death! I guess wht my cousin say is true: You cant live with them, you can not live without them!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There are

There are 2 type of things I should consider:
1- qiut my job. Lose the salary I have with no hope to get insurance money.
2- Do the job. Be humilated. Not be considered. &... But gian an almost-reasonable salary & have insurance.
which one you would choose?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Not to Be Judged...

Straight from BBC News:

At least 362 Lebanese, many of them civilians, have been killed during the conflict, which is now into its 13th day. Thirty-seven Israelis have been killed, about half of them civilians.

This is the link to Rice's comments on Mid-East Crissis.
I have absolutely no comments.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spare time?

Oh... no!
I guess I make the spare time I use. I know that if I dont plan my wekend to do some fun, I perobably would sleep all day. So I try to use every second of that doing what I like. Listening to music, watching movies, going out!
I've learend that life is too short to be spent without fun & no one makes time for you if u yourself wont find time for yourself.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Has it ever occured to you that what a loser I am? Not? Well, this post will show you the real answer:
I spent all my weekend watching movies & not worthy movies... only B & C rated ones some in Persian & some English & now I feel like throwing up!
No really what kind of a loser watch 8 movies in 12 hours for fun?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I tried smsbloging.

& that was wonderful. It seems that having smsblogig reduced the urge for going online to publish my posts.
Well, Over here I can use the persinblog service for smsbloging. Does anybodyelse use it?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Da Vincci Code

I was reading the book last night for the fourth time & Suddenly pricked my mind that would it be really correct? Would it be that Jesus was married like Mohammad. I just want to know your opinion.... It's nice to feel that a prophet could love an oridanry lady.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I dreamed about death last night

I dreamed that I was about to go through saint Peter's gate... & I was afraid. Someone tried to bail me out but they failed & They dragged me in.
I remember feeling weightless & I remember that everything where white & cloudy & then I heared the voice that told me I was blessed, that i was forgiven & that I shall go back & live a blessed life... Then I came back: There was chaos & everywhere was messy & in dream I felt the life was a jumble-mumble I didn't understand. & then I saw myself... walking an inch off the ground passing the mess by with extar-lightness.
What does that mean? Would death be this beautiful thing I saw in the dream?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Hate Wars...

& I'm afraid for those who are involved & I'm frightened that my country may burst into the war again.
War is the ugliest word I've ever encoutered. It's the ultimate destructiveness of human beings. No other species kills his kind for such unimportant reasons like who has more right to love God. No one has the right to take away somebody else's life but Lord himself. Where are the love-lessons we learend?
What happened to the 'Song of Joy'? I'm afraid that we all have forgotten that we all have one earth, one destiny, one goal....
I hate this power games that political men play. I hate that people have to be killed so that 'some' people gain the 'right' over the 'holy' Land.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A War...

Is Middle East is bursting into another war? Will we be able to see peace one day settled here?

To Care...

Is there any reason I should miss a relationship I ended myself? I mean we were not right for eachother. & honestly I did not like the fact that he had become dependent on me, yet sometimes I miss his presence... some tiny moments I think well, if he was here... & that is not how I like it to be.
My friend Kat tells me it's only natural. Yet it does not ease the pain. What shall I do?

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, That is one thing I love to do... Go down to my hair dresser & let her praise my hair while giving it a new style.
I usually keep my hair short but right now I'm growing it out for the few weddings I'm about to take part it.
Anyhow, I re-highlighted my hair... It's kinda brownish honey & a few shades lighter than my natural hightlights so my apearance in slightly changed. I like the new look by the way.
It's starnge how a very little change can totally invert your mood to a much better & more relaxed mood. It's refreshing to look good.
This Sunday would be the first Wedding I intend to go to. Both Bride & Groom are younger than me & that is somewhat strange. How the guys I consider as kids (They are 22 & 24 respectively) are ready to commit for a lifetime? Well, it's not my place to be questioning the motives... I wish them happiness & meanwhile I'll ride my own life.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Riders

A friend told me the other night:
There are 2 types of people: The ones who let the life ride them & the ones who ride the life... which one are you going to be?
The question is which one are you?

Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup, ITALY & I

So Italy won the soccer world cup & we, Italy fans around the world, are celebrating.
Sometimes I think about the unity football brings to our lives. We laugh & cry & we enjoy one moment together all around the world.
Isn't it beautifull: you feel connected to millions others watching the same thing. Even imagining this would have been impossible a century ago & a century is a relatively short time in history of men. How far have we really come?

Oh Yeah & another nice sms:
Life is just as long as a short nap under an apple tree.
Just thought to share that.

Dear Pantra,

I dont know who had said that saying... It was just on a note smsed to me. & By the way I can not check your blog due to the word that is used to describ your blog. It's my stupid proxy at work.
I hope you would be fine.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

How life can become better....

I read a saying today which really cought my attention:
I'm the only one who can make myself complete.
I need to ponder on that.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Iranian historical disks to be sold by Chicago University:

Regardless of the point of how & why Iran is involved in the bombing & the reason that Iran has to pay instead of Palestinians; it is ethically wrong to sell a nations root. Thos discs are from some at least 2500 tears ago & they belong to Iranian nation not one person, not a government or idea. They are part of what any Iranian was, is, & part of what any Iranian would be. They are not some worthy items to be sold to pay penalty. They value more than some *million $$$* they are our pride & pride is not something u can put a price tag on.
This is humiliation to all mankind for if one does not care for history of a region, he wont care for the future of man.

The stupid thing about proxies:

Well, come to think of it, it’s not right to write blogs from work yet it does not mean that the word ‘blog’ should be filtered! I gain a lot of my knowledge & information from Food Industry blogs & Blogs which write about cooking & sanitation. They keep me updated. They keep informed. So why should I not have access to them?
During world cup the word sport & also the category had been filtered at work & it was stupid cos I was the one who had to update the sport page of our intranet & I had too gain info from TV! Wasn’t that funny? & now again there is no filter on sport!

What is about the simple life that fascinates me?

I don’t know… simple as is, I don’t have a clue why I love life. & dreadfully enough sometimes, I don’t understand my own motives for living. Yet life goes on & I love it & I do not give a damn why.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In of some Fresh Air

Sometimes all you have is the leftovers of a dream…. & sometime you’re living the ‎dream of someone else. I don’t want to be that dream, all I want is the right to breathe.‎

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The weather is sizzeling hot!

Last night it rained. Well, rain is not the word... It poured! Dont get me wrong, I'm in love with summer rain & I enjoyed the weather alot last night.
What I dont like about these summer rains is the fact that it gets too hot right after it. I had been on field, auditing & monitoring some stores & honestly, I feel like a boiled egg right now!
Life is back on track & I love the new freedom that I have.
Here I go to enjoy my life.