Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What’s going on in my life?

A lot actually! First of all there had been big changes around the country & our new president is introducing his cabinet. Everybody in the office is concerned about who will be the next OIL Minister (since I’m working in a governmental company supervised by Oil ministry). Honestly I didn’t have the chance to watch all the debates going on in parliament regarding the qualifications of ministry candidates, which is a shame. I only get to watch the summery in the news & it’s not enough for me! Therefore I don’t know whether these people are good or not.
Now that it’s mentioned, the fact that most of the candidates are new to the territory of public politics is not much of help either. Pr. Ahmadinejad has vowed to change the whole ‘big names get the job’ situation of the government & he seems to stick to his vows.
As much as Sticking to the vows is a plus to his presidency, I still have some issues with the way he dresses. After pr. Khatami with his elegant manners, it’s kind of hard for me to look at the new president & don’t think of buying him a comb & some razors!
The other big matter around here is cholera. It seems that we have been attacked by quickly-spreading microbe & it makes my professional life a living hell since I have to control every article of raw material coming to the company. I had to announce that we are in the red 4 weeks ago & all kinds of fruit & fresh vegetables are removed from our serving line. I have to admit that it is easier said than done when it comes to practicing ‘high’ hygiene procedures. Most of the time, I have to argue with chefs & cooks to obey the strict hygiene rules & it’s really unnerving to see them take it lightly.
Next big thing going on is that we’re renovating our house. Although we’ve planning for sometime now, it is still very hard for us to manage & complete everything before fall. I don’t want anyone touching my stuff & it makes it even harder for me to get through everything.
MS entrance exam results would be out in about a week & it’s pushing my patience to the edge. It’s not like I’m expecting to get admitted, still…. In my humble opinion, I’ve done a practically good job, being in the one third who got the green lights for the interviews. Yet something inside me is hopeful for the fighting chance I might have been admitted. Let’s I like to dream about it!
Now… I missed writing for my blog. I missed the whole concept of being able to voice your opinion without having to worry about what others think (not that I cared A LOT about what others thought!). & I missed everyone here.