Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A friend of mine passed away...

I'm still in a shock.... she died in a car accident with her husband. & I think how fate can do this to the most perfect, in-love couple. How this could happen to people with so many dreams yet to be accomplished? I'll be alright in a while; my friends will be alright too. But their parents will never be the same again. I wish there could be something to be done. I wish this pain could subsided, that the wound of loss could be healed

Monday, July 12, 2004

My Stupid Mistake

OOpps! I knew what SALOON mean in English! but I was too tired to notice my mistake. In French & also In Farsi Saloon is a big Hall where you can fit many people @ once & there are seats &....
what I meant by saloon was this kind of a room. a hall, or a waiting room, you know the kind that leads to a coridor & all other parts of the bulding...
& thanks for correcting my mistake. It meant a lot to me.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The new method is working!

Well, I still have problem with my hyper student but the others are adapting themselves easily with my method.
I used to review all the last sessions in the beginning of the class so my student would get into the mood for a new English lesson & then I would teach the new material & repeat it.
But now that I started teaching alphabet & letters, I changed my timing schedules. I teach the oral part (like the concept of family or colors or...) after a short review of the related subjects; then I would teach letters (which happens to be my students' favorite part). & at last I ask questions student by student & check their handwritings & we discuss their problems. This usually takes more time than expected so I take my student to saloon & as soon as they're done, they can go home. Most of my students prefer to stay in the saloon & do their home work while I'm asking questions.
A very huge obstacle in teaching English to youngsters is the fact that most of them are forced to come to the classroom. I mean they can't figure why they are learning a foreign language & our reasons (like oversee travels or computers) don’t satisfy them.
Oh yeah; I must tell you.... I guess I have to teach for the next couple of months! Let's see if I can get adapted or what!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I think I will quit!

I really don’t know if the management should get involve in every _ I mean every!_ detail of every class or what?
For the past 2 weeks I had difficulties with one of my students... he is a bit hyper & I really can't control him. He is 7 years old & I thought he would do better in a lower level with less discipline in the classroom, since he is always standing in the middle of the class & he never pays attention to what I'm saying. So I had a talk with management & her mother was there to make a decision about him attending my class. & the result is he is staying. Well, I really don’t want to get into the details but my boss spend the whole time of last session in my class repeating the lesson for him! & well, unfortunately, she had never taught English & she kept meddling with teaching telling my students what to do. Then she told me that I was "say to much 'be quite' or 'why are you talking" in the classroom!
I really don’t like it when people who don’t have the actual knowledge tell me what to do. I asked to divide my class into tow classes so I could have more time with my students. It was rejected. So I asked them to find a sub teacher for the class.
I think I should have never tried for the teaching job! But anyway I learned something & that's the best of the experience; so there is nothing to regret.
I never thought I would give up so easily. I used to fight for the things I would start. If I had any doubt, I would not start something but this once.... Well, I'm going to spend the rest of my days as a teacher with a new method. I hope it would work....
The only thing I wish is my students would remember me as a nice teacher. That's all for now.
I have class tomorrow... pray for my nerve.