Sunday, August 15, 2004

He is a friend

What can I say? I know this guy... he has been my friend for the past couple of year. Gosh this is so hard but I need to get this out...
I know he is feeling more than just friends for me, although he never expresses his feelings. He is so obvious that almost everybody knows about his little crush. He always puts on the charm when I am around & being my close friend he knows what I like in a man &... well, you name it, he acts like the dream man & it's fake!
He is too concerned about my health that he checks on me every so on. & if he figures I don’t feel well... then he would not stop until I meet my doctor, always making sure I get the best place when we are going out.... I don’t know all these little stuffs.
He is a good friend, a very good friend indeed! He has always been there for me. He has been a shoulder to cry on, a charmer, & a joker when I needed to laugh! I know.... but the point is I don’t feel anything even near romance for him. I tried my best to start loving him back... but simply I couldn’t. I love him as a friend & I don’t want to lose him.
I'm trying hard to make him understand this. Yet he doesn’t get the signs. & even a little interest from my side would make him become firmer in his feelings (whatever it is). I don’t want to lead him on. He is much better than to be played with & God knows I care for him & I don’t know what I can do to stop him from getting hurt.
I know I promised to write about movies but I needed to write this. Maybe he would read this.... I'm just hopeless & every time he calls I'm afraid he might confess his feelings. & every time we want to go out I plan that someone be around & we would never be alone. Lord help me with this one....

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Watching movies in Tehran...

Unlike other countries, going to a movie hall is not very popular between Iranians. Most people I know prefer to watch a DVD at home than to go to the movies. It's cheaper; & more comfortable. Still, this doesn’t mean that we don’t watch movies.
A movie hall is a cool place to hang out for a while. Most young couples find movie halls a good place for spending some time together, holding hands &.... but I must admit that I really don’t like to go to a movie hall with my gang; to be honest, we are so noisy & loud that we often get some hushes during the movie.
Movie theaters over here are not very cozy & facilitated. This could be a reason that folks don’t like to spend their time there. Most of the time, some thing is wrong or out of order. Another reason could be the fact that the price is a bit high. & of course folks choose to watch a movie at home when they can pay one-tenth of the price for a better movie....
Yet, when a good movie like MARMOOLAK (the lizard) is released, you must book your seats a weak ahead if you don’t want to miss it; alright at least if you want to watch it a good movie hall.
Farhang is one of the best movie halls over here in Tehran. It had been renovated & refurnished. The movie hall is very friendly & welcoming & another point that makes it popular is the fact that you can watch latest foreign (English & non-English) movies in their original languages (Which is a very important factor for me when I choose a movie). Farhang is located on SHARIATI Street, north of Tehran.
Another movie hall that I might choose is ESTEGHLAL, which is located in Vali-Asr Street. & as I think about it more, ASR JADID in TALEGHANI Street is another movie hall I would recommend.
Now, enough about movie halls remind me to write more on movies next time.

Vowels in Farsi

In Farsi we don’t have vowels. We have some symbols to indicate the sound of them but it is not usually written in a text. & only first-graders use those symbols; so most of my students thought that using A, E or I is not necessary.... it took me some time to teach them to write the letters properly. Last time they had diction I reminded them to "use the vowels". The result was good except one of my students who wrote the Farsi symbols instead of the letters!

My cute student

I was teaching "can" & "can't" to my students the other day. & there was a gorgeous 10-year old girl in the class; she looks like a model even now. Well, I asked her "can you walk?" & guess what she answered!
"Yes, I cat walk."
& ever since then, every time I look at her I see her in a cat suit modeling!