Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine… such a world for a hermit like me… well, I feel totally out of place right now… Totally out of picture. It's like I had been left out of a great secret… a wisdom come to those who practice… you know.
Last night I went to buy a gift… I'm of those people who never left the presents for last minute since I hate buying things in a rush & when it's so crowded you can not see what you are buying; anyhow, due to financial crisis, this particular gift was left to be bought by toady… yeah, yeah, back to the main story: I went to haunt for the gift & everywhere I stepped foot on there were young girls & boys buying, laughing, cheering for a day that is not ours. It was sad… how they related to it & how I did not….
In the wrapping shop, (there is one particular shop I frequent in Mirza-Shirazi Ave. who has excellent wrapping material & a nice, tasteful lady… the name? oh, Golden Card "Karte-Talaeeii") there were too many, too many young faces just examining the boxes & wraps & all… I felt sort of out of place… like an ugly-ducky-duck in a spring of beautiful swans. I shyly asked the shopping girl for wrapping assistance & she asked is this your first? I had to stop myself from laughing… I am yet to have a real valentine.
It is not hard to see that I am beyond the age to care for romance: romance is more of a fiction to me than something tangible & real. It is only in fairy tales that lovers live happily ever after, that lovers are prefect matches. It would be great lie to believe that love… the kind of love I'm dreaming of would ever find its way out of my dreams into reality.