Saturday, September 25, 2004

Wow it's been a while...

Hi... hello? Any body out there remember me? ... Good! I shall be proud of myself!
Hey I'm back & it's the most beautiful season over here... yeah, it's fall! Life is going on really fine & hmmm I think I'm in love! Yes! It feels good to be in love though I still hadn't found that someone I'm in love with (!); yet it doesn't matter does it?You know I figured autumns gets me going a bit crazy.... It looks like that I feel this urge to walk through the neighborhood & smile @ everybody. Or I just want to smell the air & get drunk by the sweet faineance of falling leaves. & to be honest I often find myself dancing down the road while I go for a walk....
Well, I spend the last week of summer over the west side of Iran & I still think about the misty road we passed by. There is such a mystery in that road that almost gets you overwhelmed. While the car is going higher & higher to the peak of the mountain, you sit there very alert & expect something to jump out of mist & draw you to the myth world of Arash....
Had I ever told you about Arash? He is a mythic bowman... & Mr. Kassraie had that myth developed into a poem...: once upon a time Iran had been attacked by Tooran* & Tooranians had obliged a discreditable contract on Iran: the boarder line would be located with an arrow; a bowman had to throw an arrow... the furthest the arrow flew, the largest our country. So Arash the bowman went high on the Damavand Peak (the highest mountain in Iran) & he prayed hard & with the first rays of light stretched his bow... he put all his strength in the arrow & threw it.... the horsemen who was riding after the arrow found it the day after next in a walnut tree over the east part of Iran (in Sistan). Arash's body was never found. He had dedicated his life to the freedom of Iran. It is believed that Arash's soul help the lost travelers in the Alborz Chain Mountains.
*(Tooran is the mysterious & imaginary country in our mythological stories which had been our enemy & often defeated by us.)
I wish you could have read the poem in Persian.... it always make me really emotional. & there is verse about the time Arash heads toward the peak after looking back for the last time at the town where everybody is waiting for his success:
Which roar is falling down on the mountain?
Which song can ever make the sound of the footsteps heading dominantly toward the nonexistence?
I always cry over this part. No matter what others say this is the best part.... when I read it I can hear his footsteps clearly... I feel the morning breeze on my face & I know he is never to come back & I believe he lives eternally in the stones of Alborz.... I don’t remember what I was saying anymore. I keep thinking if I had the choice of saving my country by giving up my life would I have done it? Would I have throw the arrow & become immortal like Arash? Or would it look like a stupid act to me?It's autumn here & everything is so fine.... & I'm in love with that unknown knight who exist in my dreams & there is nothing going wrong....& yeah... I am back!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Yeah... & I'm here kicking & alive, safe & sound! What had happened? Nothing... my PC died! & I mean it! At first my monitor started blinking & went pale & paler till she passed out completely. Then when her doctor saved her life (!) & she got back home, my keyboard died out of a heart attack or something like that. What's more I just didn’t have time to go to a net-cafĂ© & even check my mails! So it took me this long to update.... I'm still having problems at home so don’t you worry if I didn’t get to update real soon.
& my first paycheck went for the repairman bill! What a nice timing of my PC to go out of order huh?
'K! Must head back home to correct the papers.... the term will be over next Thursday....
Aha yes the newest idiom of my students: bear is a pet animal who sings tweet tweet! & there is more of them on the way....

Isn't it Nice

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