Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mr. Bluff

I really need to practice more self-control. I need to practice patience, which honestly has never been one of my not-so-many virtues.
What is THE matter? Simple: recently a colleague is getting on my nerve! Although I am much younger, he is the one who is inferior in rank. What I mean is that actually, I happen to be the boss & he happens to be under my supervision; which seems to be incomprehensible for him. It had never been one of my tactics to boss around or give orders. It’s more like me to ask for a favor rather than directing a command & that has gotten me in the situation where he shouts at me in front of a crowd. Thus, I feel it’s really time I did something about it.
The point is that ‘doing something about it’ means I have to go to mattresses & pick up a war & I have to neglect the respect I show him due to his elderliness.
It’s not the first time he had tried to interfere with my duties at work. I try not to be judgmental yet he never did his job the way he was supposed to do & when I tried to cover the part he must be doing, he felt in danger & tried his best to keep me out of the situation.
It’s partially my fault too. Being the perfectionist that I am, I never feel satisfied enough with the situation. & also I did let him overtake me because of my boyfriend.
You know that I supervise the cuisine contactor in my company. My boyfriend happened to be the contractor representative at the time we started going out. Due to the situation & the fact that in Iran having a boyfriend is kind of a TABOO for government (I work for a governmental company), I preferred to keep my relationship down low. Joop & I never let our relationship get in the middle of our jobs & soon he resigned & left the place. The colleague I’m talking about who is also an overseer figured that we were friends & send the reports to the heads which only led to me staying more in the office instead of the site & that made the quality of food so bad that the complains made them put me back on site.
I never mentioned a thing to him though. & I never mentioned that it was his fault & flaw, which made them put me back on site. Heaven knows it was much easier for me to be in the office cos basically that meant more power for me with less mess.
Now that I am back on the site again, I guess he feels terrorized, & he looks scared of losing his job because almost everybody knows he is an addict. & that is why he is getting on my nerve. He fears I try to get even! & I don’t know what to do really… he is preventing me from doing my job but I don’t think it’s fair to his family to have him out of job. Anyhow, he must learn a few lessons & the first is to know who the boss is.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm Just Back from a vacation...

Well, if you are a somebody here & you want to hang out by the beach in your own country... Kish is the place to go!
Ok you always have the Caspian 2 hours away, BUT Persian Golf is really something else. I always liked the south beach more than the north one.
However, I must admit that this trip had been sort of disappointment this time. I did have a ball at the Dolphin Park & the trip around the Island was absolutely fantastic; yet it didn't stop me from being a pain in the neck for my companians. & it didn't stop my friend either.
It was like we intentionally wanted to hurt each other which considering the fact that we've known eachother practically our whole lives, seemed rather odd. Yet that was a very good exprience.... I learened that even my closest friend sometimes doesn't understand my needs. & I learened that I am the one who has to deal with it. No matter what, I shouldn't have let small things ruin our time.
Anyhow, just leave it that. I know some of the readers may know her & they might get upset.
WE stayed at the 5-Star Shayan Hotel & due to the renovations undergoing very slowly we faced some incoviniences. Yet it is the hotel you stay in if you want to have fun. Although kish is an island, Shayan is the only hotel which accomidate you with private beach. & you can enjoy a lot of water sports as well as a good service. However, the bulding itself is old & you may find it not as neat as a 5-star is supposed to be. Besides it's the nearest one to the Malls so....
BTW, It was too windy for us to go jetskiing but a lot of people were wind surfing which was really nice.
This week is going to be a hard one at the office. We're swiching contractors & everything's a mess.
Wish me Luck.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Three Earthquakes Level Iranian Villages

& That's that?
I mean it's unbelieveable that a colugue of mine just called me up to ask if I was back from my vacation & if I was harmed & "fortunately the number of deads were low"! By Lord, how could he say such a thing?
The point is that I know the number is not even comparable to Bam earthquake yet... 1200 people are dead! & beside that... lots of others are homeless & need imidiate help. Westren parts of Iran is very cold in this season & I dont think without help the survivers can live long. Survivers... isn't this word supposed to be beautiful & give u a sence of secureness? Well, right now the only thing I can see is the ugly part of the word. I was just on the phone with my boyfriend & he tried to calm me down a bit with no success! He says I worry too much about the things I can not control....
There I said it! I mean the big news was... MY First Boyfriend! I'm not sure why we started dating! Anyhow, I've been dating this guy for 3 months now & well, it seems kind of ridicules now.
Forget it.... I may write about it soon. I just wanted you to know I am safe & sound.
And dont forget to donate.... These people need whatever you can get.... & most of all they need our support.