Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day-to-Day Survival

It has been a long time since I have written anything here... I guess it's more or less because I write in my other blogs... mainly short texts, but still, I feel bad for neglecting my first & foremost blog!
My daily life has turned into a very boring rutine: I wake up at 6:30, do the morning rituals of shower, make-up, breakfast & I'm present at work or in school by 8! Do the same old, same old & have lunch at 12! Then I swich to the other: if I had been at work in the morning, I go to school, if I had been in school, I go back to work... I would stay till 6:30 in the evening... same old, same old... then depending on my schdual I do something different & then I get home by 9 & I talk on phone till 10! & I study a bit & then sleep!
Each Sunday, I go to my conversation class, once a week I go to the movies usually on Saturdays, I go on jogging sessions 3 times a week & most weekends (Thursdays & Fridays) we have guests....
From outside: it looks like a busy, tight, exciting plan.... from my point of view: day-to-day survival...
I plan on taking Italian classes soon... & start going to gym, if I find a good one. That might help to get me unloaded... If only I could wake up sooner then I might have actaully made it to the exercise session in the park near us!