Monday, June 16, 2003

What is freedom?

It’s what I was thinking about last few days. I was decided not to write about politics; though it’s every Iranian’s second job. There is saying that says if tow Iranian gets together, there would be a political party; the third one who comes along will form a fraction! The point is true somehow: talking about politics is a hobby over here. I was wondering if freedom means what others mention. Others who moved out of Iran & just try to show deficiencies of the country but they really don’t have the cure as we say. What do they know about living here? …25 years ago people was sure what they didn’t want, not knowing what they do want. So when some one with charisma like AYATOLAH KHOMEINI came along, they vote for him & this is the result. Once again unfortunately we face the same thing people don’t want this rĂ©gime. They want freedom (of what?) but I gathered they’re not thinking of what they want next! Communism, monarchism or what… I know there are others but who really will rule this country? To me freedom is not wearing what I want, it’s not dancing & sure it’s not f***ing around as some people say. Freedom means I can choose my way of living; think what I want to think & speak it out as anyone else does. Freedom to me is the right to select what I guess is right not what others do. I’m concerned about what is going to happen here. We experienced a revolution & we’re still paying for it. My generation has been sacrificed even before we were borne & I don’t want my children (if I have one) to feel their life ruined. I don’t think Iran is ready to have another revolution! & you can call me coward for saying that but I’m afraid of the revolution, the bloodshed & I don’t like wars. I want to live peacefully the rest of my life. Is it so much to ask? I promise it would be last time I would write about politics! It’s because of the demonstration thing that I jot down my thoughts. Something else, I believe in freedom & democracy. & I believe some day we will have them but this day is yet to come till we all understand what we really yearn for not what others want us to desire!