Thursday, September 08, 2005

There is an issue on my mind…

Iran is one those countries where anything related to se* is taboo. I mean even talking about marital problems related to it is somewhat rude & is considered offending to some.
This attitude is changing among younger generation though. Most of my friends are comfortable about discussing se*ual relationships & are very open-minded toward the whole thing in comparison to others. Being in a relationship with someone & love-making out of the wedlock (which used to be a HUGE shame) is becoming more & more practiced & most of young generation accept that as part of a relationship.
I’m not saying that the idea & the whole situation is right or wrong. Here I’m just trying to draw a picture of how step by step we’re walking toward this kind of freedom to live our own lives regardless of what others think. Good or bad this has been the trend for sometime & although most parents are somehow against it, it seems to be fashionable to be in a se*ual relationship.
I myself don’t have any issue with people who consummate out wedlock. Basically it’s their right to do whatever they want to do & it’s none of anyone’s business. While I’m not comfortable to practice it myself, I do hate it when people try to force others to go their way & stay in some kind of a mind frame whether it is for or against se*uality.
This is not the issue I want to discuss right now, because heterosexual relationship is on its way of acceptance. It is homosexual relations which need to be discussed. What I don’t understand is why the people who understand the relationship between male & female & are bragging about being humanist & believing in the extreme freedom of human rights, have such big issues with homosexuality.
I know that it’s not the natural way of having a relationship to say the least. But who are we to oppose the nature of someone & tell them what to do?
Looking at it from religious point of view, both consummating out of wedlock & homosexuality are referred to as sins. So if anyone wants to stick to the orders of religion then they must not practice either of them. Boasting about one’s ability in one area & bashing the other doesn’t seem right.
Furthermore, homosexuality is not a disease which needs quarantine. I mean homosexuals should not be abandoned or be treated as some kind of a trash or germ. They just go after something which is not practiced by others. They have a right over their body & they have the right to use it the way they want to.
I know that even in modern countries homosexuality is still regarded ‘unnatural’ & I don’t think in very long time it will be considered ‘normal’ in my country. Still I feel the need to state my opinion & stand up for their right. While I have to admit it is weird for me to have gay friends, I don’t necessarily find it disgusting. They are humans like us, they only behave differently.