Saturday, January 31, 2004

My phone line is disconnected too!!!!!!!!!

My, like it was not enough that I couldn't connect to internet, now I can not use the phone line at all.... 3 days with no phone... seems like hell. I mean what if I didn't have the cell phone?
It made me think that how life was without phones? Ever since I was born, my family had accessed to telephone & I gathered it had become a very important part of our lives. How can I chat with Ava if there would be no phone? She lives almost 45 minutes away from my house so it's kind of impossible to talk in person! The point is you're not supposed to have a one hour trip to chat for half an hour.... Beside some times it’s easier to say something on the line than to say it looking in the eyes (like goodbyes).
Well, enough of me nagging! Monday is Eid e Ghorban or Adha as you may know it. It’s like the biggest holiday in Islamic countries. There are some traditions that I won’t go through them now. & there is a myth about Abraham & Ishmael & the miracle that happened in such a day.... If you like to know more I will find some links to put here as soon as I got accessed to internet to search.
I was supposed to go on a short trip this weekend but unfortunately a far relative of mine passed out last Saturday & we had to attend the funeral &.... Last weekend I went on another short trip to Mashhad (a holy city in east part of Iran). The weather was rainy but the travel worth it. Right now dad is planning another trip to visit nearby city of Kashan to purchase some carpets for my aunt! I always thought Tabriz carpets are the most beautiful ones but my aunt thinks a silk Tabrizian carpet is way too expensive for bedrooms. What I don't really get is why they are going to buy the carpet in Kashan? It's not like we can't find Kashan carpet in Tehran!
Yes and its Fajr ten-days... the national ceremony for the 79 revolution. I find it rather boring & a bit exaggerating. It IS full of propaganda.... To be honest I don't think I like monarchy; the fact that one person gain a JOB & leadership of SUBJECTS by birth is really ridiculous & what's more why people should supply someone's life because he is the King? So the revolution was somehow inevitable but back at 1979 folks knew what they didn't want but they didn't pay attention to what they wanted... & it led us here! Ok! No politics! My personal political views are kind of strange & this blog is not the place to discuss them.
Life is easy & cheerful as always & let it be. Cheers for now.
Ps: I'll be back soooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Where have I been?

That's a long long story! Some time ago my internet access cut short because of some technical problem in the server.... Then I checked my blog & found out there has been no commenting system! Well, it seems that BlogSpeak is down & moved to some other sites so I have to register my comments again! Right after that my phone line wires got I-dont-know-what! This means I cannot connect to internet through my room's wires! & the idea of moving my pc to another room seems impossible (then how can I work till late in the night?).... So right now I'm using a public computer to access World Wide Web. But THE PHONE LINE WILL BE FIXED SOON or at least I hope so!
There are a lot of new subjects about Tehran I just figured hat would be interesting. Just wait a little bit more & I'll write about them.... What are they? Hmmmm? The first is wedding customs: the Tehranian way of the custom is different with other part of the country.
Joyriding will be another subject I may discuss. You see it's one of the so many ways young people have fun over here.
Changing the capital from Tehran to another city is what I must write about. Folks over here have different view about moving & all....
There are some things that I won't write about! The first one is "The sit-in of parliament by deputies"! & the next is election! Well, I'm not going to participate in this kind of unfair election & all he discussions wont change anything. The only cure for this wound is to change the overseer congress members in next election (If more legible candidates would BE able to participate!)
Enough for now. I'll be back soon....

Saturday, January 17, 2004


what on earth had happened to my commenting system?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Driving in Tehran

If there would something I can't do over here is finding my way in streets of Tehran! I know some parts of the city too well but as for other parts well I don't think without a map I can find my way home!!!! (Some time even maps can't help!)
Now imagine me guiding by another naïve person over some UNKNOWN streets! Here goes the story: me & a friend (miss poetess if you remember) had to go to a funeral & her car was broke so we decided we would take my dad's instead! God know driving in Tehran is a difficult task, hectic traffic & all the rule breakings.... & just add the rain & you got a total mess! Anyway I picked her up & we started cruising... careful not to damage the car! An hour later the only place we couldn't locate was the place of funeral! Obviously we couldn't find it by our own so miss poetess called another friend to help....
The only thing he did was to confuse us even more! Guess what we crossed the same street 4 times before we could find a way out! At last we decided to go home leave the car & take taxi!
The taxi driver didn't know where the place was so again we were where we started… the place was no where to find! So I called another friend & guess what? The place name WAS WRONG! We had been looking for a masque that had been IN FORNT us all the time!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Alright what birthdays are like in my country? Fun! This word describe every birthday all over the world. Yet there are different ways of celebrating the occasion.
Over here in Tehran we celebrate our birthdays in different ways.... First there are parties (which in fact is my least favorite one)! It could be some family parties or friends. & usually it's in the evening 5 to 11 or longer. It may last till 2-3 am. Cakes & candles & gifts are the essential part of them. When I was younger I used to have big bashes for my birthdays. The tradition is like this: the first step is sending invitation cards to your guest. Usually hey are handed manually & you will have words in order to know how many people are able to make it. Then you have to prepare the foods & snacks & you know all this decorations with color papers, balloons, the funny hats and all the usual birthday stuff. Cake is ordered to be ready for the night. The evening of birthday party guest would show up around 7 to 9 & there would be dances & dare-devil or other kind of games then there would be inner (if you intend to have a diner party) & the last things are the tradition of blowing the candles & cutting the cake & unwrapping the presents. Most of parties will be over after that. But some others will linger and you may party al night long! This was almost the good part yet when I think of the mess which should be cleaned the day after.... just forget about it! I felt exhausted for a week!
The other way which I prefer is small family gathering. T’s cool when you got home & there is a small cake & flowers waiting for you. No dances which suits me fine & few beloved people who cherish you for you yourself not for the party you've thrown. Well, in my family there is a tradition of reading poems like hafiz.
Still there is some other ways like surprise parties which is not much different from the one I told ya. Another one is fiends hang out (that could be by plan or surprise). So far it had been the most preferred way among young people. You know throwing a party is kind of hard 'cos most of us live with our parents & arranging a plan without bothering them, is almost impossible. So we choose the easier way.... You choose a date & place & everybody will get over there. Someone will buy the cake & candles & you will have something in the café &.... There are different ways of paying for the birthday gathering. Some people have the birthday guy to pay (instead of 5he gifts as they say!) some other would pay for the guy as a gift & shares the other bill. We have another way... we share no matter whose birthday it is & there would be gifts as well. Actually I don't like the idea of gifts! Last year I & Mooshi had one birthday party & this year I just dismissed the idea of me having a hang out so we wouldn't have to go out 4 times in a week! Although I had a very pleasant surprise birthday hang- out with my CLC class pals.
Guess it’s enough for now. Tomorrow will be Mooshi's birthday & I don't want to look sleepy @ all!
Lets face the day with laughter....

Thursday, January 01, 2004

My birthday:

Gone! A wonderful day... three surprises & lots fun... are gone! But the memory remains! The love I've been given, the fact that Ava & Katrine remembered my birth hour & the truth that there are people out there to support me will keep me through another year.
Every year I feel wow this was the best birthday ever! & every year I find more excitement. Happy New Year! Happy birthday & welcome to a new year... there is a change! In a mater of a second I've grown into being 24! & it started great!
This is strange... how people affect your life & how in a middle of a disaster you can find time for your own happiness. Am I to selfish 'cos I actually enjoyed my birthday while there are thousands dead, injured or lost in my country? This had happened although it was not completely earthquake-free, I managed to be happy. (Alright I had to explain to any one who called that the gathering is donating some money to earthquake victims & ask if they wanted to join in or not. But it was ok! No corps; no victims; NO TV)
I know I promised to write about Tehranian birthdays more. But it's not a good time! Believe me I'm beat right now. I've been out 7h non stop & then I had some guests & its 2a.m. just wanted to say happy New Year & ask for your prayers for the souls of dead. May 2004 be the year of friendship & peace. & may we learn that love can heal every wound....