Sunday, February 22, 2009

My vote goes to...

Mr. Khatami? Nope! Wrong answer...
I have been invite by several people to join the cause and support Mr. Khatami. I even had the discussion on phone with Sunnaz.
Mr. Khatami had been my idol... in 1376 I skipped school and attended his campaigns. Back in 76, we were too trusting and we were opting for a change... the change came... and went away.
I loved him... I loved listening to him and to follow his speeches. I used to follow everything and I fantasized about a better life for women.
He did make some changes... I want to be fair. However, that did not leave us in a better place... People were hungry... and with social change, their hunger for money, for the luxury of a comfortable life grew...
We believed that "it was our right to live a good life" that we had a right to be asking for welfare since we were "intellects"
The time has changed: I do not wish to analyze the changes and the decisions that led us here; but, I wish to state the fact:
People are hungry, a hunger for food, for financial security, for "sufficient" salary.
They have the money but they can not buy anything. They can not invest. There is no hope.
And the next one to rule will have very hard days facing the situation: He has to be powerful, he has to has a "rescue" plan.
Mr. Khatami has my heart forever; but he has to assure me (a pedestrian in his chess)that he can handle the future... He has to name at least a few economists as his consultant and he has to let me feel that by voting to him, I will not actually be blaming myself for the rest of myself.
I already made the mistake twice, and I want some proof before I make the third. :)