Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm Checking my Hello acount!

Friday, May 06, 2005


Thanks to my dear Green Mind for correcting me. Truth is I had forgotten Zardosht's name in English (Zoroaster) while I was writing the post about it. & I was too lazy to look it up so I just went with the Persian pronunciation & jot it down the way we call him here.
Another point is that Zardosht is an Iranian messenger & Zardoshti (Zoroastrianism) is an Iranian religion. Therefore the correct forms of pronouncing his name would the Persian form, come to think of it. I mean that is what the original name is so why change it?
I remember once in my Food Chemistry course my professor kept using the French pronunciation of 'Millard'. (He is a great food scientist & a very important reaction is named after him.) One of my fellow students asked why he didn’t use the English pronunciation. "Do you like your name to be pronounced in English? He is French & so his name is French" Professor answered. I believe it's very true; this is what called Persian dignity.
On the other hand, Green Mind had a good point in the comment: so many people would not have heard the Persian name of Zardosht (which in many cases is a shame), while they would have recognized the English word of Zoroaster. Hence that would be inconsiderate to use the Persian words without introducing the English equivalents (that is if they exist).
Anyhow, I was just playing devil's advocate here. I didn’t mean to get philosophical over a simple issue of using a word. :)
Talking about the days back in school reminded me to announce something: I passed the first level of Masc. entrance exam in MBA major! I just don’t believe it! I had not studied a bit for it! & as you know that's not my Bs major! I don’t know how I did it but I did! Now I have to take part in some bloody interviews & some written tests for different universities. I don’t know my rank in the entrance exam yet & that would not be very good I guess which means I have to show off a bit in the interviews.
I'll have another test next week for my own major at my own university. & that would be a double time test: Friday morning would be the basic course tests which include Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, math & English Comprehension. & in the afternoon Food Technologies (e.g. Dairy, Cereals, Oils, and Preservations &...) & Food Engineering would be the main courses on the test.
Yet I have to wait till September for the interviews to begin. It's kinda good since I'll have time to work more on my skills. To be honest, I have my eyes set on one particular school (Industrial Management Institute) where Masc. courses are offered in English. This makes it a rather hard place to get admitted to for most people. But I shall think about the upcoming exam instead of the interviews.
Quick update on the Gang!
Well, it's been long since last I wrote about my crew. Honestly with our busy everyday life schedule, we don’t get to hang out as much as we used to. Well, we used to practically live together to think of it! Now it's time to put some quick updates here since we had gone out a lot during last weeks.
Pat had been the usual concrete angel he was. He tried to cheer everyone up but kept his face straight all the time. It takes a lot for him to remove his stone mask & let us see his emotional side. Though I had a chance to see the face behind few times, but I wish I wouldn't, not that he is not nice or something but due to the eerie situation we were in. he is by far the most affected one regarding the Mr. President's departure. They had always been extremely close & he tries to cope with his absence with planning gatherings for the crew.
Mat had been the good-looking stubborn head he was. He looked especially cool during our last get-together for Miss Poetess birthday. He is keeping his distance though. & he laughs less than he used to which makes us all miss his infamous laughter. He had been a pain in the neck for sometime but he is trying to get better. Personally he had me worried all through last year & I believe he needs to learn a few lessons or two. But he is still very much loved, much more appreciated & we need him to be around. (Mat if by any chance you read this: Stop holding the grudge over her... it's not worth it)
Miss Poetess is studying in Master Course right now & well, we don’t really hang out the way we used to. She had changed a lot. & I have changed a lot. We are still close if we get time to see each other. Our friendship is strong enough to survive our lack of time or least that's what I like to think. She has to do a few things though. She has to talk to Ava & get over whatever had happened with Teddy & them. Speaking of Teddy, he left the crew a while back & didn’t even bother to give us explanations. Heck, I think he is prohibiting himself from a chance of having an everlasting friendship. His loss!
Mr. President left for Toronto two weeks ago. We keep in touch with him & his parents. Yet... hanging out without his annoying mischief is not the same anymore. Who would drink my coke & eat my fries? & who would ask me to read his coffee cup? I miss him somehow. I hope he is well & coping with new environment. He is the sore point of the crew right now. His name kinda keeps repeating & his absence is so obvious you won't miss the feeling that something is not there without him.
Lolly Pop has turned into a totally new person from the shy quite lad he was back at school. He can actually flirt! & not get as red as rout beet when he is talking to a girl other than us!!! Hmmm I have to admit that he had always been ignored in the group but well.... He is getting noticed more & more every time we hang out. What can I say? Why didn’t he get discovered sooner? Alright right now he needs a trim. He is kinda growing his hair longer for the new cut & is in the transient (that's the exact word he used!) stage!!!!!
Mamoosh seems to be the cool girl she was. She's always been there for us & she keeps giving her support to anyone who needs it. Go Girl!
Ava, the last but the most important, has been kinda down recently. It had been due to Mr. President Departure & the exam pressure. Her job is in the rocks too & she is just tired. I wish she could take a break from everything & leave for a short trip to somewhere. & when I say a break I don’t mean just a break from work or study, I'm thinking about a break from EVERYTHING! She needs to lay back a bit and relax! You hear me Girl? RELAX!