Friday, June 29, 2007

Love Colors On Tickle

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Whether you're in a crowd of people or one-on-one, you can be the life of the party. In fact, dazzling people with your snappy repartee is likely a favorite pastime of yours. Your clever, observant nature can make you a real ace when it comes to picking up on life's humorous details. You're also one who doesn't typically shy away from being the center of attention. As a result, in the right mood, you're the type who will actually seek out the spotlight. Whether you're keeping friends in stitches during a night on the town, or telling jokes to that special stranger you just met, you seem to have a talent for making people laugh. This irreverence and love of fun can draw others to you and make you a prized partner. However, for witty types like you it's important to both know your audience and know when to quit. Some of your opinions and the dark things that you find amusing may not sit so well with everyone.When it comes to relationships, you may prefer to focus on fun times, excitement, and the physical high of sex, rather than becoming overly involved in a deep emotional connection with your partner. If you find that this is indeed your predisposition, make it known. It's important to be open and forthcoming from the beginning. That way the two of you can stay on the same page when it comes to relationship priorities. By seeking out a person who'll be sexually and emotionally compatible with you from the start, you can help avert heartache later on.You have a more passionate nature than most. Ultimately, you're one to believe that love is all enduring and that true love will weather the storm. At times, this emotional fire may get away from you, causing you to do or say things that you may later regret. As a result, types like you will tend to flourish most with a partner who doesn't take these mood shifts to heart. By understanding and accepting you during your darker moments, your mate can also be there to enjoy you at your most high. Indeed you can be a very exciting person to be with. Just try not to take your behavior to extremes or your romantic partner's acceptance for granted. Everyone wants to feel cared for and valued.In or out of relationships, you are a pretty easygoing person who can usually accept criticism with a grain of salt. So if a lover, friend, or colleague were to offer you some constructive feedback, you probably wouldn't take it personally. However, that doesn't mean their words would fall on deaf ears. In fact, you're the kind of person who's likely to make yourself a better person by incorporating their ideas. This trait can make you a joy to know, particularly in the context of a romantic relationship.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Been Tagged By Magical Droplets

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?

Music & Lyrics (Ok I know... It was the 100th time! But What Can I Do? It's Hugh Grant dude!)

2. What book are you reading?
My Shame... I'm not reading much recently! Ok... I read some short stories by J.D. Salinger & "Louise Amour" by Boben.

3. Favorite board game?
Chess... hmm... I kinda feel like playing it right now!

4.Favorite magazine?
Used to be NewsWeek... no Finantial times (hey does that even count?)

5. Favorite smell?
The smell of snow... what? I love snow!

6. Favorite food? Ghorme Sabzi!

7. Favorite sound?
The rain hitting the window while I listen to light music & sip my tea...

8. Worst feeling in the world?
You know when you think you're doing someone's a favor & it turns out that you have been hurting them all along?

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
How about another 5 minutes? I can't let my pillow be without me... that's cruel to him!

10. Favorite fast food place?
Raz Pizza in Tehran.

11. Future child’s name?
Boy's Name: Nastihan, Givmart, Girl: Proshat (hey.. u know that it's a nick name right?), Parnian

12. Finish this statement. If I had a lot of money:....
I dont think that would change a lot about me...

13. Do you drive fast?
Fast? Who? Me? NOOOO! You dont call 150 km/h fast, do you?

14. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Hmm... a dog named 'Stupid', a Bear called 'Blue Berry', A Cat called 'Piiiiishiiiii'

15. Storms cool or scary?

16. What was your first car?
206... but well I dont drive much.

17. Favorite drink?
Coca Light. Orange Juice

18. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would…”:
I would have had more fun! (not that I dont have fun at all... poor me! I'm only out 5 nights a week... that's not too much is it?)

19. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Ok... ok... let's see... I'm the health food expert... BUT that does not mean I enjoy eating the health food!

20. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
I rather have shades... like now... my hair has this unusual charecter about it that the color changes with the angel of sunlight. I have my hair highlighted a shade lighter but it's totally natural color.

21. Name all the different cities/ towns you have lived in?
TEHRAN... Damn I love the city too well, to even start living soemwhere else.

22. Half empty or half full?
Depends on the mood!

23. Favorite sports to watch?

25. Morning person, or night owl?
Morning?!!!! My brain does not function before noon!

26. Over easy, or sunny side-up?
Do I have to answer that?

27. Favorite place to relax?
MY BED! Hmmm... ok my old bedroom! I loved the view.

28. Favorite pie?

Now... I tag Sunnaz, Lynne & Geominer to play!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Found MY Friend!

I just don't believe it!

here she is... a friend from my elementary school!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hey I Thought I was BLUE

Your Inner Color is Yellow

Your Personality: Life's too short not to have fun. Your bright energy brings joy and laughter to those around you.

You in Love: A total flirt, you need a lot of freedom to play. But you'll be loyal to that one person who makes you feel safe.

Your Career: You love variety in a job, and you probably won't stick with one career. You would make a great professor, writer, or actor.

More on Se6ual Relationships

Last Thursday when my friend, Sunnaz, & I were riding home a debate started on what we really act toward se6ual relationships. We started talking about an engaged friend of ours & whether we think 'she' is still a vir8in or not, or even she had come close to having a se6ual affair with her 'fiancĂ©'. Not that we are nosy, well, I admit I am a bit, however, the question was more of a general one… whether a modern girl in Iran understands the significance of trying even a subtle physical relationship before taking a huge step towards an enormous commitment? Then on Friday, I went for a visit to another friend's. & she was so troubled & so unsure of herself, just trying to get hitched & satisfy her natural needs… & my heart broke at the sight before me… a very fair & intelligent young lady swimming in the abyss of depression just because she was denied of her rights… more by herself & her self-imposed limits than anything else. & I suddenly shivered 'cuz I could see myself heading toward where she is now in 5 years!

How do we, as somewhat intellectual women, really feel & think about se6ual affairs? Do we really think it is necessary to have physical intimacy in a relationship? What do we need & how important it is to please them?

So let's take the debate to a more personal level. Both, my friend & I had been brought up in a rather open-minded family where se6uality & male-female relations had never been an issue. We were taught that we are a person before being a girl, that we have the same right as the boys. Se6 was never the issue of discussion though. Most of my own se6ual education comes from the books that were provided for us… lying around so we could pick them up & read. That's were most of my other basic knowledge got formed, but well, that's another story.

We like to think ourselves as a modern frameless spirits, yet even in our limitlessness, I don't consider myself as courageous to perform "taboo" tasks! I mean yeah, I for sure have broken some rules but then again, they never went beyond a boundary. This has been the same for the issue of physical intimacy.

I'm a vir8in & I'm happy to keep it that way… Well, at least till I find the one person committed in a relationship. Once in my life I had a boyfriend. He was not mature enough to even be the start of a se6ual relationship by any means; sure there had been kisses & hugs but that never led to anywhere but me hating him even more. It's not that I don't like physical attention, visa versa, I'm the touchy-feely one; but I felt dirty about it! I felt used because I did not love him… & I felt it was not right…. So there I was trying to clear my morals for myself with no success.

While talking to Sunnaz though, I had an intuition: I was going to try a physical relationship. I'm not ready to lose vir8inty yet, but hell, what's wrong with a little fun?

It was funny; tow grown-ups talking about se6 like it's some kind of taboo with a hushed voice & nervous laughter. I started to grow more confident as we spoke though. I thought to myself if I can theorize about right of free-se6, then for sure I could practice it. We could practice it. She might get out of this God-forsaken town & I want her to try intimacy with a guy, try having a physical relation with someone. She deserves to set free & have fun & have experiences she could not have here. I encourage her to go wild & enjoy her life! She said something that I keep thinking about: "I don't want to get married, just because I want to get laid!" & we're both not ready for any commitment…. Why should we think that marriage is the only way of….

Damn… I know I'm all talks & when it comes to practice, I rather sit aside & encourage others on! That's why I said I'm a hypocrite!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Morals in a se6ual Relationship

Se6ual relationship has been the issue on my mind for quite a long time now. I have come to the conclusion that I act rather hypocritical toward the issue, though.

I mean I believe that being in love & being committed is enough to make 'love-making' ethical. Therefore, there should be no taboos for 2 people in love (regardless of the se*, age & all that Junk) to show their commitment toward each other by uniting their bodies, the way their souls should be united. Love is the only legal reason in my opinion to be intimate with someone; whether they are married or not is out of question of course… that's nobody's business!

On the other hand, any se6ual relationship is naughty way of having fun… let morals rest a bit & go wild! Let your body take control & take a well earned prize! What's wrong with 2 friends who trust each other to have a more physical 'friendship' while they are not committed to any other souls out there? What's wrong with having fun in the first place? Would se* bring commitment all by itself? Should these 2 be bound in a stricter frame just because they had fun?

Then I remember; Pleasure is a sin! & both frames do not work here in the constricted social ethics of this God forsaken country! Se* is referred to as 'marital relationship' which sums it all: no se8ual relationships out of marriage bounds! What about Homos, free souls & commitment-phoebes? What about the ones who have not found their soul mates yet & they are willing to wait to commit?

Then the next issue pops in my mind… what about the virtue of vir8inity? Is virginity a virtue at all? Should a body be only for one person forever for always & more?

I have no answers yet…. I see my friends who are committed in a relationship & are afraid of share some lovin' & I see other friends who have wild nights secretly & then boast about their 'virginity'… I also see friends of mine who have not been ready for any kind of commitment & now they are trapped in a bad marriage just because…. All of them are close & dear to my heart but none seems to have a healthy se* life….