Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Whoever said teaching is easy?

I'm dead tired! You would not believe me1 I have a class of 7-12 years-old boys & they are driving me crazy! I spare a lot of energy in their class that when I get home, the only think I can do is to collapse on bed & sleep!
Some of them are really quick & despite their age they learn really fast. However there are not so fast students in my class & when I'm working with them, the other party (the quick students) get bored & you know the rest.... I've a student who does gymnastic practice in my classroom!
I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into... it seems that I'm not a good a teacher. I mean I do fine with my quick students but with the rest... well, it's not easy to be tolerant when you try to teach them "hello! Hello! How are you? I'm fine, thank you & you..." & they don’t get it! My class-agenda was to complete the 'Greeting' & the concept of boy & girl & teacher & student & I should have told them the rules of the class... by the end of session tow, I still had to teach the teacher/student concept! So I decided to add the class time & ask weaker students to come to make-up class.
I hope this would work.
Well... I really had to go to bed now. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I've Got a JOB!!!!!!!!!!

& no, it is nothing like being a lobbyist or hygiene supervisor in a food factory. Actually this job does not relate to my field of study at all.... I happened to be a teacher now!
Isn't it funny? I studied 4 years to become a food engineer; had been a straight-A student all my life, & now I'm here: teaching kids of 8-11 English! Not that I mind using my not-so-good knowledge of English, but what about all the years I studied?
Basically, over here finding a job related to your field of study is out of the question. Ok no it's not, but you must know someone & then they must introduce you &.... Well, that's the same old story. I had some job offers in food industry but most of them were located over far west borders of Iran & it was really hard for me to pack up & leave my hometown.... Some times I do think that what would have happened if I had accepted one of the offers? I would probably go crazy in a fortnight.
Anyway, I got a job now.... I wish I could teach adults. You know they are more willing to study & the job would not be so crucial. With the kids, one must be very careful. They are quick to learn anything so one mistake & you ruin their chance of learning the correct word forever.
I know this sounds very harsh, yet I had never been interested in children. Kids scare me with their unexpected behavior. However I really don’t see why kids like me. I mean I hardly do anything to attract them, maybe I would wave a hand or smile, but that's it. Yet the kids find it easy to communicate with me. They tend to come & sit by my side or ask me astonishing questions. I guess that's a good point anyhow.
OMG, in the class I'm observing thee is this cute 9-years-old girl named ZAHRA; she is a sweetheart although I'm pretty sure she is a bit mischievous. Yesterday her teacher gave the class a 5 minute break & she wanted to go drink some water... in order to impress her teacher, she raised her hand & said "may I CHEATER". You must have seen my friend's face (her teacher) she was trying her best not to laugh. It was really funny!
Alright, now I just wanted to announce my new job....
By the way I'm not in good mood! Italy just lost the soccer tournament & they were like my favorite team *Cry*. It is not fair! They played really good! *ooohhhhh*
I hope tonight Germany lose too! They had been playing really bad!
Now I shall get back by my TV set... the match is on!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Soccer season

Don’t get me wrong; there is no match over here going on. I mean yeah, there is but not important ones.... But some where south Europe in the country of famous José Samarago, Portugal, an event is running by the name of Euro2004! What does it have to do with Iran? Easy; soccer (or the way we call it football) is the first & favorite sport in Iran... so you get it....
During the matches streets of Tehran is nearly empty. For crying out laud, I had not seen a single a car passing by for over an hour now! & everywhere you go there are talks about soccer teams & all. & Iranians being the interpreter & soccer professionals by birth (!) all have speculations; & well, if a coach wants his team to win, the only he's got to do is to take the first flight to Tehran & take taxi & hang around the town for a while & he'll learn more about his team than he could spending day & night with them!
I'm not joking the other day I was in a taxi & tow elderly men were having a conversion about Manchester Unt. & believe me even Sir Alex Ferguson (coach of Manchester Unt.) could not explain the reasons behind the team's relatively failure better!
I am a real soccer fan myself. Well, know to think about it I really did not have much of a choice! In my family gatherings, there are always tow main subjects: Politics & Football; & having a mad-about-soccer cousin was not of any help. Despite the fact that my father is a "rational" soccer watcher, both me & my sister have been this hyper watcher as my dad put it.... when we are watching an important match, even an earthquake or volcano eruption would be ignored by us.
So what on earth am I doing writing this stuff while Greek is literally kicking Portugal's butt which happen to be one of my fav teams on this championship? (Sorry for the language, sometimes it's so hard not swear when you are this frenzied; just don’t mind this text!)
Well, *rolling eyes* I gathered it is to unnerving for me to watch. I guess you all remember my little tiny sickness back in autumn.... I'm really getting all better you know. Yet my doctor thinks I must take great care & not to get stressed. "Any kind of tension could be lethal" he told me over the phone the other day, although in a joke. But he still asked me to do my best not to get "overjoyed" or "heated"! so as I was watching this match (that I expected Portugal to win hands down) & to my surprise, Greek had them all worked up... well! I decided to stop watching before I would have a nervous break-down in front of TV for all the good opportunities Portugal had missed!
So you see, here I am sitting by my monitor... & I can hear the match! For the TV is a bit loud! & it sucks! I guess I get back & watch the rest of the match.... So bye for now!
Ps: Portugal totally sucked! I'm so mad! Greek beat them 2-1 & their only goal was in spare time! *flying off the handle* for heavens sake, they're hosting the championship! I really don’t see why Louis Figue had to play this bad! (See this is what I'm talking about... we always get to discuss the details... *:D*) I hope the next match between Spain & Russia would be a good match....

Thursday, June 10, 2004

It's sizzling over here!

You wouldn’t believe me! Yesterday the temperature was about 87 f` (36 `c). my it's going to be a long hot summer....
The band is about to go on a picnic but I happen to be out of town this weekend so I can not accompany them. Well, that's not too bad if you ask me. I'm going to the mansion I told you before... so thee is no point in complaining.
A friend of mine is coming back to Iran. She's been oversees over the past decade so it is kind of strange for us to meet. You know last time we met each other we were 14 now I'm 24. I don’t know if we can maintain the friendship we had before or not. I'm really scared. But I'll manage that....
The ridicules point is that there is the new airport opening here & all foreign flights must land there.... yet the first flight which actually landed there had encountered some problems & so airport usage is indefinitely delayed! However my friend had been told that she is going to land in this new airport! Then she has too take taxi to another airport (Mehrabad airport) to take another flight to Shiraz to see her relatives. She will be back to spend a few days with me at the end of June.
I'm wondering how anyone shall manage to get to the other airport for taking another flight. It takes about 3 hours to travel between the tow! I mean the new airport is far off the east-south of Tehran & the Mehrabad airport is located in the west-south. So I hope the new airport would not be open when my friend arrives. At least it would save her much time & energy.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I dont know what is up with Tehranians?

For heaven's sake, they are still panicking over earthquake. Since the earthquake of North, there had been all these rumors saying that there will a drastic one in Tehran & the fact that venues is going to pass across the sun has something to do with that!
Well, I know very little about astrology & much less about earthquakes but come on! If we think a bit rationally then there would be no need to panic! I mean yes, there is a great chance of an earthquake happening over here but the time is not predictable.
We should be prepared but not for a special amount of time! You would not believe me but actually some students spent some night out in the campus yard & refused to sleep in their dorms! Some of them had left the dorm & went back to their hometown! You see!
Ok. I had to do for now. But don’t you forget to check out the event of Venous cruising in front of sun on Tuesday. It wont happen in 120 years time!