Monday, May 29, 2006

The Caricature

Well, you might have heard of the offending caricature that has been published in a news paper here in Iran. A group of our country-mates had been offended since it has been written in a local language of west-north of Iran.
Since it had been published a lot of protests & demonstrations has been going on around the country. Yesterday, some had been gathered in front of the national TV to show their protest. I still wonder how that would help to solve the problem.
In the first place, the caricature shouldn’t have been published but now that the jobs done, what’s the use of all these fuss? The Chief editor in charge of the news paper is held under supervision of legal forces & the paper itself is banned from being published. An apology had been written even before the protests begin.
I hope one day we all learn to respect others & forgive their mistakes. It’s not like that a little mistake can’t be overlooked.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Job Account

Well, AT last!
I've got the internet account over here at my office which means I would be updating more & more.
Tehran has had a few cool nights in the last week & I went out of town for the weekend. The weather is still nice & we had a lot of fun.
I'm not still adapted to my new schdual at work. but hey, as long as I have internet access that does not matter.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I wonder if I had changed into something I don’t want to be. Sometimes it’s like I don’t even know myself. It’s pretty unnerving when I find myself in a situation & I know that I’m acting in a wrong a way.
Isn’t it strange? During the last year, sometime during developing my job, I have turned into a judgmental, skeptical & guarded fellow who is always watching her back. My naturally easygoingness had altered to a rigid, up-to-a-limit decision making which had reduced the creativity in my job.
& that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be: a good-for-nothing OFFICER who only does what she is told or else she might lose her job. Due to some wicked lies of an addicted fibber I have transformed from an energetic young force in the site to a malicious melodrama queen who only seeks her own profits. & I guess I have my role in it: I had been over reacting to the wrong that was going on around me, & I had sticks to the ethics & morals I have been brought upon. It was not in my power to be leisurely oblivious to the deficiencies in my field. I could not sit & wait for people to do their jobs.
I have my mistakes too. I take business personal. I take my job as if my life depends on it; as if the whole free world destiny depends on accuracy & perfection of it. What’s more, patience had never been one of my practical virtues. I need to get to results in the shortest time possible.
All these had led me to land of doubtfulness. Indeed, I don’t know where I am going right now. There is no job-security, no job-satisfaction & nothing to start the day for. The pay-check is ok… it pays the bills & I get to have a lot fun. (& that means I earn enough to be able to afford the luxury of leisure.) However, as one of my colleagues once said: “We are all lost in the daily usualness of our lives.” We wake up, Go to Work, do the same job every day & come back home unsatisfied & hurt only to sleep & then wake up to yet another routine image of life.
Yet, I feel I need to set off to find new opportunities. Maybe it’s time I spread my wings & fellow with the wind & let the luck lead me away.
Iran’s critical condition is one of the few reasons I don’t like practice the idea above. Any move in the misty & uncertain situation we’re hanging in, can lead to a total disaster, cos there are no means to calculate the right moves. & I had lost the ability to risk. The funny point is, ironically not making a move too can lead to a catastrophe!
My contract will be over this week & there are talks of expanding it for the next 3 months. Till then I will have my Masc. exam results & shall be able to choose a right way out. Whatever may come, I don’t like the changes in me. I need to get back to the person I was before & soon.