Thursday, May 29, 2003

others in the band...

The next one in the band is lollypop (23). He is well sort of a doormat or better to say naive, although he is sweet & well-shaped but you never think he is like others. Sometimes he surprises you by being so forthcoming, but usually he’s rather shy & blushes on when he talks to people (especially girls) he doesn’t know… I can’t see why others ignore him; he could turn into a very hearty boy if you give him the chance… besides he tries to be amiable & caring. The very excellent point in him is his politeness; he knows where the limits are….

The very next is Mooshi; she is a good looking, nice girl, only 5 days younger than me! She is mild-tempered & a fix member for going out & having fun. Being frank & keeping secrets are of her virtues. (Doesn’t it turn a bit literate?) Mooshi keeps her pains to herself & shares her joys….

Miss Petit (22) is Mooshi’s friend & of course ours. She is a fragile good looking pretty girl. You feel like she is so vulnerable that you have to protect her. However she is very strong, though a rather irritable & dismayed. My dearest Miss Petit is timid, humble & conscientious which I like most in her. There is something about her that makes everybody like her.

Mr. President is another guy in the band. He is younger than us but he always acts as he is years older, & wiser…. God knows he keeps a cool head in arguments & one may rely on him to be gentle & tactful. He is gallant & well-balanced I dare say & cares a lot about his look. (He knows what to wear & how to dress.) The matter is that he knows it all… so you name it he is rather bigheaded & he shows it…. Any way you feel like talking to him sometime about politics, literature & etc. ‘cos he is so knowledgeable. (Damn my pride we can’t sit on table without argument….) well, I forgot to tell you how moody he is, you never can predict what’s up with him….

There are others in the band, but I’ll tell you about them as I go on.

Monday, May 26, 2003

the band

I talked about the band before, & I guess it¡¦s time to introduce members of the band¡K The first for sure is Ava, a 23- year-old, handsome perfect girl. She is the soul of the band; I mean she is the heart & the brain. Others call us Ava's bunch of friends, that's what it is. Ava is rather a tall girl (not so tall!); she's got dark hair & dark brown eyes which sparkles when she talks¡K. & her voice is like velvet. You see how easy is falling for her! & that's not all! She's got the look & sure the brain, too. Her logical way of looking at the matter & her self-confidence makes her the first choice to turn to when there is something up. She knows how to act in every situation. Whatever comes by, she has the ability to deal with. These qualifications make her a trustworthy, beloved friend. If you need to talk to someone, well she is out there to help & cheer you up. She is a day-dreamer I can say (I daydream, too, so we go with each other). But sometimes it gets her in trouble as she processes happenings in her mind which often result in finding new things which may turn the situation upside down! (She is like that just when she is involved in; she seems to have a tendency to find terrible hints about herself.) But she is wise & great!
The Poetess is the next! She is a beauty; she is rich, handsome, with grayish green eyes! you name it, she has it all! Besides she is a poetess! People tend to fall in love with her; one look & they're in forever! She is younger than us (22) & so we spoil her a bit. She is rather emotional, tender-hearted I dare say. She acts sentimentally & it gets you sometime but its ok! the poetess is lovely, loving & giving. (Doesn't it rhyme as her poems?) She sure is generous, well-read & dignified, although she can turn to a stubborn, touchy person when she is not in mood. She is a helping hand when you need one & is willing to do anything for friendship. I wish she wasn't moody & that she wouldn't believe in everything easily. To tell ya the truth sometimes I feel like holding her & keeping her safe forever although she doesn't like it!
Mat(23) is cute guy. He has handsome face, hazel brown eyes (with a shining laughter), & a very small nose which I adore. He is really reliable, protective, clever, & sincere. Tell you some secret? You may call him in the middle of the night for help & he¡¦d be right away! Even though he is an astute but he tend to ignore hints about himself. Mat is really firm-minded & there are times when goes on repeating the same thing without even caring for advices! He's got his own way of life. Being ambitious, he is focused & goal-oriented! God knows, how I envy him for that. Well, he could be somewhat gutsy, so don't play dare-devil with him!!! Another good point of being his friend is that he really cares about everything, like he has to take care of everyone of us! & something else if you want a job done without a word, he is a good choice! At last he has a clear mind & romance doesn't appeal to him very much. (Maybe I'm wrong!)
Pat (23) is our dark guy. He's got beautiful gray eyes that change color with his suits & much prettier hands! Like he has them made by a stylish artist. He keeps a cool head about everything; he can tell you jokes that make you laugh your heart out without even a smile on his face. Nothing is expressed on his face like he wears a stone mask on. One can't guess what he thinks of! We sometimes wonder whether he likes us or what. We like him very much; he is a charmer & if you're down, he can make your day. Although he acts reserved sometimes, but he shows tenderness & gives protection whenever it is needed. He announced that he is prejudiced! & that we may not talk to guys from other fractions ;) (He is the coolest liar I've ever met.) Oh, I forgot! Pat & Mat are close friends! (Remember the cartoon?)
The last but not the least for today is Teddy. He is a bit overweight but you must see the face! God did a perfect job creating that. I really like his face rounded with everything as it should be. He is the richest in the group. He is easy-going & honest. When we met the first time, I feel I knew him from somewhere! He is a bit naughty & you feel he plays all the time; pulling everyone's leg. However when it comes to real matters, you can always turn to him for advice! And he is the oldest in the band, he turned 24 this May. Ok! Folks enough now. I introduced the main ones in the band others could wait for next time!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Well I’ve told ya before! I am a 23-year-old girl from heart of Tehran. I study in food engineering major. (Guess what? I am more than enough plump!) It’s my last term in school & it means that I don’t have enough time to have fun!!!! But I do find it interesting to write about our band!
Something else, names are not real in this weblog due to privacy matters. However I try to jet down real things about life of tehranian kids…
My family consists of one great mom, one cool dad & a lovely tall younger sister… I think we are happy as far as I can say…
But the BAND! Well, we are let’s say 3 to 6 girls (people come in & go out but there are 3 girls fixed.) & 2 to 6 boys (sorry pals, we take the lead here.) the band keeps company in school, picnics, cafes & etc. there is something that makes us different from other bands over here… we have some self limits, some rules that we obey. It’s not written or never mentioned but everybody go through it… for example we avoid getting involved too much in each other’s private affairs; or no one takes boyfriend or girlfriend with them.( although we are cool about that…) & anyone knows what offends others so behaves morally. None of us smokes & if any body does they don’t show it…with the band you can always find help in the corner. They know how to cheer you up, how to make your day. & the band shares your pain & laughter. You find support, love & friendship; like we’re a family…
Ok! Enough now! I’ll go on later…

Saturday, May 03, 2003

So what a girl does in Iran?
I think living in Tehran is like living in ant other countries. You can go out with your friends, watch movies in theaters, and hear music in concerts.
One may think people don’t have enough freedom here in Tehran, but the point is we enjoy this much that we have. Although, wearing scarf is a bit hard for some ladies, at the same time it gives you the choice to make new fashion!
It’s not that I’m totally satisfied with my life. There are limits to what I can do: when going out, we must take great care not to be caught by some police forces, or as a girl I can’t go traveling around the country alone (because police mat think I run away from home!) ; but living here is fun…
I have good friends; boys & girls, we’re classmates in university. A lot of fun is waiting for us, going to mountain climbing, movies… & of course we study, not as hard as students in other countries but all of us are top students.

Who am I? Well, I am a 23-year old girl, a food engineering student (to tell you the truth, I’m a senior), more than a bit plump & a casual girl like everybody else.
I live in heart of Tehran with my parents & my sister. Is that enough?