Tuesday, August 28, 2007


How Addicted Are You to Blogging?

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hoder & Persian Bloggers...

You might not know Hossein Derakhshan but I'm sure if your an Iranian blog fan, you have heard of the blog : Editor:Myself.
Hoder is the first Iranian Blogger & he is the one who started leting us know what privilages we might have using a new feature of communication.
Though I might personally not agree with some of his ideas, when I heard that his blog is being blocked by his ISP under the pressure, I felt I had to take part in letting people know how we feel about him.
He might not be very popular but HE is the person we owe a lot of things to. & HE has the RIGHT to speak his mind, even if we do not like him to do so. :D
What I want to say is that please sign this petition & let people know how you support a member of our virtual society.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

French First Lady...

What's this with people & expecting her to live up to a role model, always be there for her husband & doing what she herself claims would "bore" her?
She is a woman, she has the right to step up for herself & does what she thinks is right, like what she did in Libia.... She is not a doll, a mute companian, a jewel to be showed off by her husband.
She is blamed that she does not support her husband, tell me if I am wrong, but how on earth do we know Sarkozys to be judgeing them?
It's time we back off & consider the classic role of a married woman... she is an individual not a companian. She is capabale of having her own schdual which may or may not revolve around her 'successful' husband's life!
To me, Cécilia Sarkozy is a pretty interesting woman... she is standing up against the cliche'.
& NY Times can stop fretting... A lot of people actually like Cécilia Sarkozy's attitude.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

BLOG DAY 2007 on August 31...

Well... I haven't been here for a while now but something grabbed my attention in Dr. Majidi's blog.... It's blogday time!
So, here I am & I think about the blogs I wanna write about....
I would like to write about Dear Lynne, Dear Magical Droplets, Cesar of Pentra, Sunnaz & my Grandpa's old blog...

Blog Day 2007