Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back in Tehran

So how life had been, you might ask? Well, pretty much the same as always. I wonder if I ever stop to amaze myself with my resilience toward dramatic changes & I still act the same.
I got the PhD thingie... I got the research... I got the job... well, I'm still shamefully underpaid for what I do & for what that "dashing" title of a position eludes, but whatever. (& the word "whatever" has became an unspratable reminder of my friend Abdi & his cool Brit accent)
How does Tehran do after the Nuck deal? Vibrant... but when wasn't Tehran vibrant? hmmm yeah... I still can remember those days of 2009 very vividly however Tehran was alive even back then. I do spend my life being allured by the trebling life in this city. I get up in the morning - way later than I should actually - I take the ride to my new office sometime around 8ish or in case I go to school around 9... I usually have back to back meetings, brainstorm sessions or data/content analyzing gatherings. & I leave the office sometime between 5 to 8. I go out for a snack... a coffee... food... with my circle/s. I attend shows & concerts. I still hate shopping & leave it to other people to buy me the necessities of life.... I come home late... do a little reading... write a little... & I go to sleep with George - Yeah, it's name is George & he is a cool ultrabook. & that's about it.
Meanwhile, Life happens: Ario was born & he is the delight in my life. My sis got hitched to this great friend of mine - miracle of my life really- & the whole election thing & Nuclear deal evolved! & it all stayed the same while in a sense, it changed so dramatically. & surprise! I still breathe. 

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