Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Outlook

Well, the unfortunate point is, I know exactly where I'm standing right now in my life and even more unfortunate, I know where I'm heading. Isn't that something?

Being a PhD student at 33 was not something I planned... it just happened that way. In my outline, I had the PhD by 44... before that I was too young!

Now, I am sitting here, at my old desk, looking back at the road that took me (rather than I take it) and I see where I've been and glancing forward I see the road flat and with few bumps ahead.
Most people reach this stage of life somewhere along 30... right? I never figured I was one of them... I always pictured myself being more breezy, more ethereal... more u shape turns... turns out in the end, even the rebel in me cuts a clear road and packs up and follow...

Hail to following the clear flat road... 

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